Holiday Travel

This is just an update in case my email didn't make it to anyone in NC....I have finally bought my tickets to RDU, so I now know when I'll be in town. I'm getting in the evening of Dec. 31 and leaving mid-day on Jan. 6. So if you're free to get together anytime between Jan. 1-5, please let me know and we can try to make plans. I know the timing isn't perfect, as many of you will be back to work most of that week, but it's about all we could arrange this year. And yes, it's just me--Stephen starts his internal medicine rotation Jan. 2, so he can't come. :-( So January will not be a fun month in our house....

OK, I'm off to put together a math test now. The fun never stops! :-)


Jinann said…
Wow! You ARE going to be busy! Hopefully you'll be able to find some time to knit!

Oh, you've been tagged! Please tell me "6 weird things" about yourself.

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