Name that Colour: A little Contest

Contest Closing Date: Friday, June 11 at 5:00 pm EST

I get a lot of comments about the colour names I use for my yarns & fibres. A few times, people have told me that they've actually bought a yarn just because of the name! For that reason, I try to put some time and effort into thinking of new and creative names. But sometimes, my brain just doesn't want to produce good ideas.

So today, to help get my creative juices flowing, I'm going to ask y'all to help me out and offer you a little something as a reward!

I'm going to post pictures of a few new fibre colours I dyed last week and ask for your ideas for names. Post your ideas in the comments, and I'll enter you into a drawing for a $10 gift certificate for my shop. I reserve the right to exclude from the drawing any comments that don't contain serious suggestions.

The photos are fairly true to life, although as you can probably see the light wasn't ideal, so it's not 100% accurate. Still, the new camera copes pretty well with low light conditions.

Fibre A (Shetland): This one is a bit tricky because the 2 sides of the braid photographed very differently. Here are both:

Fibre B: This one is on a medium-brown base fibre (Moorit Shetland). There are a few more dark blue/purple sections here than show up in this shot:

Fibre C (Finn):

Fibre D (Merino):

OK, there you go--some food for thought! I can't wait to hear what you all come up with. Oh, if there's anything here you really love & definitely want to buy, please let me know. Some of these braids will end up in the shop, but some will be used to fill an order for a shop, so if you don't speak up you may miss your chance to buy one!


Mandyz said…
wow, that's hard. My screen doesn't seem to give very good resolution. Still working on B, which is odd since I love earthy colours.

So we get one entry per colour?

A Ocean Sunset

C Wildflower Meadow

D Amethyst Dragon
Anniebeeknits said…
Here are my votes:

Fibre A: Cranberry Pomegranate Ice

Fibre B: Currant Nectar

Fibre C: Rhubarb Apple

Fibre D: Ripening Plums

Huh. Apparently I'm hungry! Mandy wants to go on vacation, I'm guessing, though I don't know if the dragon ought to travel with her. Hee!
T. said…
A; Little red riding hood (I see red poking thru the woods with the sky up above...)

B: Nuts about squirrels

C: Off to greener pastures

D: Some wine with dinner?
Unknown said…
A: Crushed Berries
B: Chocolate Red Velvet Cake
C: Strawberry and Rhubarb Pie
D: Spilled Wine

I think I have food on my mind!
Anna-Liza said…
Oh wow, let's see ...
A -Fire on the Ocean

B - Morning Coffee

C - Chocolate/Pistachio Double-dip

D - ...

I can't come up with a darn thing for D, sorry!
Heather said…
fibre a: rooftop view (
fibre b: Death by Chocolate Cherry
fibre c: hummingbird (
fibre d: broken berry bramble (how very emo)
Anonymous said…
A: Pieberry Delight

B: Brickworks

C: Graffiti

D: Dusk at the Fair
Unknown said…
A. Arizona Sunset
B. Cinnamon Wine
C. Spicy Pickle
D. Summer Dusk
Jane Sr. said…
Pretty Colors!
A: Fall at the Ocean
B: Chocolate covered raisins
C: Rhubarb Pie
D: Huckleberry
Lyz said…
Ooo Ahhh.. They are all just gorgeous! Good thing this contest doesn't require me to pick a favourite LOL. Here's my suggestions.

A is Turn the Other Cheek (since it's different on both sides)

B: Shadows on the Beach (gorgeous shades of darkness)

C: Leggo my Gecko (did you acutally toss a Gecko in the dyepot?)

D: Storm in the Tropics (if an arial view of a hurricane had colour this would be it)
fracksmom said…
wow the first yarn, is so hard, one side says autumn day and the other side says island cove

b Red dirt

c ripening fruit

d fine wine
A) Warm Pie
B) Rosewood
C) Sprite
D) Hollow
Teresa said…
A: Robin - the colours of the adults and the eggs are there
B: Earth - looks like a nice prepared garden bed.
C: Spring - bright green shoots on a field of old winter browns
D: Grapes into wine
Mandyz said…
wow, I love the other colour names. ie, I think they are far more creative than mine :P