It came! (Plus some guilty peeks at my new stash)

Well, it's been a while so there are lots of things to update you on. But why bury the lead? The big news arrived last week:


Yup, that's a Kromski Symphony in Walnut. So I really don't even want to sit here and type much right now, because spinning has already become completely addictive. I have actually been carving out an extra 5-10 minutes in my morning (before 7 am!) so I can sit and spin before I go to work. I think it may calm me down before me commute--can't hurt, anyway.

So what have I done so far? Well, I decided to start with some of the BFL I had dyed a while back. My consistency wasn't great, but I have produced something in the range of a worsted-weight single, I think. It's the one on the bottom, below. I think I will knit it as a single, maybe mitts or a hat? The one on top is merino, and is destined to become a 2-ply in something resembling a sock weight. This one was MUCH more consistent, and I felt like I just flew through it. Yay!


Now the problem is that I'm enjoying spinning even more than knitting, so my stash is just growing away. Add to that the fact that our last weekend out of town was a recruitment visit to Paris/Brantford, ON, where there happens to be a Mary Maxim store....and things are overflowing a bit. Oh, plus there were a few other acquisitions just before that trip. I'm feeling a bit guilty about it all, so I almost hesitate to show it off here. But here it goes...

Shepherd Worsted in Chino. This is destined to become a Hemlock--I'm not sure yet who it will be for, so I figured this neutral colour would go in anyone's house. I almost bought time!

Those are my PY order from a few weeks ago. On top is Amelia in Cherie, and then Eva 2-ply in Curtsy. Yummy!

Lang Mille Colori. This was a must-buy, because I think it is a perfect match for the colours my mom wanted. She has this pinky-peach vest she wears with a coppery vest, and she wanted a scarf that had both colours in it. We tried 10 million yarns and didn't find the right one, so when I saw this at Mary Maxim I grabbed it. I hope it's right!

Scheepjes Invicta Extra. They had such a great sock selection at Mary Maxim, I decided to snag a few things I don't normally see anywhere in Ontario. This one was pretty reasonably priced, and it's not like I won't use a good solid-colour sock yarn, right?

Freedom Spirit in Destiny. Another yarn that most of the local shops here don't carry, so I was quite excited. They were sold out of the pattern book, so I couldn't figure out how much to get. I finally settled on 5 balls, which now that I'm home with my book should be enough to do the tank top or something along those lines.

Austermann Step. Like I said, sock yarn I don't normally see. I debated about LOTS of choices and finally settled on this--couldn't resist the idea of Aloe & Jojoba added to the yarn! :-)

Sugar'n Cream. Not exotic...but hard to find in Ontario. Plus it is the season of the quick knitted gift, and dishcloths definitely are a good one. So I figured I should stock up!

Oh, and as a minor justification for my purchases, I do have some FOs to show off quickly.
Not a flattering photo, really, but you can see the top, right? That's my Green Gable, which I procrastinated on for months, but is now done. Yay! I'm pretty pleased with it after all that foot-dragging, so I may make another one with the rest of my green cotton fleece. Maybe for my sister.

The simple ribbed socks in Trekking. Note the slight differences at the toe, as well as the minor difference in shades/patterns!! I actually tried really hard to match this and thought I had it right, but they aren't quite the same. Maybe this yarn just wasn't meant to match. Oh well.

Whew! Hopefully that will keep you happy for a week or two, because I may not blog again until close to Christmas. Happy Holidays!


Kai said…
ohh that spinning wheel is absolutely stunning!

what you've spun up is lovely, especially that purpley one.... me likesy. :)

love the yan purchases too.. busy bee and the GG looks great on you.
YarnSnob said…
oooh what a stunning wheel, its beautiful and walnut too, my favourite wood. You've done a great job on the spinning, purpley one is lovely. Nice haul of yarns too and gables looks a perfect fit
Peggy said…
A happy Polonaisse owner here. Your wheel is gorgeous and your spinning even more so. Love you acquisitions!!!!
knitty_kat said…
oh! I guess I have some catching up to do. I haven't been reading my blogs lately but it looks like you've been busy!

Congrats on the wheel
Anonymous said…
Freedom Spirit! YAY! It's such a great yarn. My shop has just started stocking it, and I'm beyond pleased.

*pets all the other yarn, too* Mmm, new stash. Fabulous.
Anonymous said…
AND THE WHEEL. I forgot to comment on the wheel. It's incredible.
LittleBerry said…
lovely wheel and yes I know what you mean about addictive spinning.... I've discovered I like spinning more than plying!!! and of course it will help you calm down before the commute ;o) the yarn you produced is lovely to, I've just managed to produce my first sock yarn and I was so thrilled.....

the socks look great.... the fairisle patterns not matching isn't you it's just the way the yarn is if you look at my socks you'll see the fairisle blocks don't really match.... and sometimes just a stitch or two out will make the difference but overall they match... I always cast on with my thumb so always measure 1m in and cast on from there that can help too...

Lovely haul of yarn too, you'll be stashing fibre next... Yarn Wench has a great site, think next upate is Sunday...
Anonymous said…
Oh my! What fabulous stuff! That wheel is a real beauty, and would fit perfectly in my living room. Not that I'd know how to use it!

Love your Green Gable. It really suits you, and the colour is fab.

And the yarn.... Too much yumminess for one blog entry!
Jinann said…
What a beautiful wheel! No wonder you're finding spinning so enjoyable...there's something about wood and's addictive!

Lovely stash enhancements as well. Love the finished objects - especially the sweater - it's gorgeous!
Bearium said…
that's a beautiful wheel and your homespun looks superb. I'm feeling a little jealous I have to say ;)