Spin City

So, the second sock isn't progressing very fast. I blame the snow. When your commute takes WAY longer than normal and your back aches from shovelling, it's hard to focus on even a simple pattern. I did pick up the sock one night, and ended up knitting one row of the lace pattern on the sole of the sock. Luckily I noticed pretty quickly, but after tinking back to fix it I decided I should probably put the sock down.

So instead, my little bit of fibre time this week went into spinning. I finally felt brave enough to tackle my merino-bamboo top that I picked up at Christmas time. There were 8 oz of it, and I have finished spinning and plying the first 4:

They will rest on the bobbin while I spin the next 2 singles, so I'm not sure of my yardage yet. There's still some thick-thin action going on there, but what I was really pleased with was this:

That's my 2 bobbins after plying. Note that while one still has a bit of single left on it, there isn't much! I usually end up with one single that's dramatically longer than the other, so I was quite proud of my work this time.

Oh, and since I have now knit up some of my handspun (more on that in another post!), I decided to order some new roving from Crown Mountain Farms. Both are Superwash Merino:
Tobacco Road (couldn't resist the name, not as a Carolina fan!)

Child in Time

OK, I need to go shovel again. Stephen is attempting to drive back from Kitchener in the latest storm, and I'd like him to be able to get up the driveway when and if he arrives. It's nasty out there, so wish us both luck.


Kai said…
Your spinning looks fabulous! Love the colours and the new fibre looks great too!
Cinders said…
your spinning looks wonderful. love the colour of the rovings too.
My sis lives in Kingston and has had to get over to somehwere past Guelph this weekend. hope the snow has stopped!
Jinann said…
The spinning looks great! I love the colors that are on the bobbin - yum! I really love the "Child in Time" roving - very soothing colors.