Employment Updates

Several of you have asked how the job search, etc., has been going. I am slowly getting work as a supply teacher & tutor, finally! Last week I worked 2 days at a private school, and I also got an ID number so that I can start getting jobs with the public schools, and have started tutoring a high school kid twice a week. I've been by a few schools to introduce myself, so that they will add me to their "priority list," which will help me get jobs faster. Tomorrow, assuming I don't get a call to work, I will go out and introduce myself at a few more schools. It sounds like at first I can expect more work at the elementary schools, but maybe eventually I can get high school work, too.

It is a little stressful in that I could get a call at 6 or 7 am asking me to work that day, so it's hard to plan ahead. But hopefully once I get "known" at schools, they will start pre-arranging assignments for me, and I could also start getting long term assignments, so then I'll have a little more order to my life. :-)

Friday & Saturday Stephen and I went to Chatham, ON, where we were being wined and dined as they tried to convince him to eventually practice there. It was actually quite nice (although they called themselves the "Carolinas of Canada"!!), and if we're going to stay in Ontario, it was definitely a place I could see myself in. They've been very helpful to me already in my job search (they're in the next school board over, and I'm also trying to supply teach there), they were very accomodating this weekend, and it seemed like an OK place to live. It's a town of about 45,000 people, with several smaller towns around, so it's big enough to have everything you "need" in a city, but small enough that it's a pretty nice quality of life. We also enjoyed a lovely scenic drive along the river, some local wines (there are several wineries in the area), a night at a really neat hotel (the Retro Suites) and a really nice dinner at Stargazers. In short, even if we don't move there, we'll go back to visit.

And if anyone wants to come visit us here in the country, I'm beginning to discover that there are all sorts of fun things we could do, depending on what you're interested in. Lots of outdoor activities and typical small town/farm things (corn mazes, turkey festivals, etc.), of course, but also really scenic drives, wineries, nice restaurants, cute towns with little shops and antiques, lots of small historic sites and museums (war of 1812 stuff, underground railroad, etc.). I know I'll never get out and see it all on my own, so please come visit so we have a good excuse to go sightseeing!

This was a long post, but I don't expect to add much more this week. Hopefully I"ll be busy working, and if not, I'll be busy shopping myself around to schools.