A few ideas if you want to make requests

OK, just a quick post. If you want to request specific knitting projects that you like, I might be able to eventually make them for you. Maybe by Christmas, or your birthday, or some other special occasion. But since I know most of you don't knit, how would you know what to ask for, right? So I've compiled a list of some of the things I'm interested in making. If you want something off of this list, that gives me a good excuse to try a new pattern, so drop me a line and let me know about your colour preferences. My ability to make some of them will depend on my ability to get the right type of yarn, but I'll keep an eye out for the right style & colour! With enough advance notice, you just might get what you want.
Booga Bag
Twiggy Tweed Bag
Hannah Purse
Teeny-Tiny Felted Totes
Button-Hole Felted Bag (scroll down to see pictures)
Isabelle Felted Hat
Gansey Gloves
Aran Toque
Dobby Hat
Clapotis Cap
Halley's Comet Hat
Tie One On Lacy Shawls
Cozy Shawl
Kiri Shawl
Moebius Scarf
Danica Scarf
Wavy Scarf

And believe it or not, that's not even everything on my list. I also want to try some fancier socks and even get into sweaters (I think I'll start with a baby sweater so it's not overwhelming--if anyone with a baby wants one, please tell me!)....but those are more ambitious projects, and require that I knit things to fit your size, etc. So we'll hold off on that. If you see anything else you think I might like to knit, let me know--you could be right!


Anonymous said…
The 'tie one on' link does not work...and that wavy scarf in a chocolate brown would go really nice with my coat!!...oh, and don't forget that pink ribbon dish cloth is really nice too...ha ha. See you soon...if you can tear yourself away from your knitting. Fiona would be very proud of you.
Lindsey said…
Thanks Paula! I fixed the link. :-)