Recent knits

OK, I have pictures of a bunch of recent knitting projects. I'm mostly working on Christmas projects now, so a lot of these have destinations already--but if you see something you like, let me know and maybe I can steer it your way. Or create a new one in a colour you like! Consider this a "catalog," I guess!

Felted patchwork bag:

Clapotis (it's French--a fancy scarf, really):

Candleflame scarf (& a close-up of some of the "flames")

Beaded tote bag:

Pink ribbon dishcloth:

Men's Sock (yes, just 1--I have to buy more yarn to make the other! Men have really big feet...):

OK, off to knit some more! :-)


Anonymous said…
Ok really have too much time!!! :-(

But this is neat. I really love the pink ribbon dish cloth...hint, hint, nudge, nudge. Actually I would love to send one like that to my friend Tammy (survivor).
Anonymous said…
wow! i'm very impressed. my version of knitting is washing my delicate clothes by hand -- it's not really creative nor does it take skill, but its another one of those bygone female occupations. i guess when you have no money for dry cleaning those old-time skills are useful!