Not much news

Haven't written in a bit, but there isn't much to tell. But for the few of you who are reading regularly, I thought I should say something. :-)

I have gotten a lot of sub work so far--in fact, I worked Monday-Thursday this week and could have worked today if I hadn't already scheduled a job interview and some volunteer work. I actually turned down 2 offers of work for today!

I have realized that one real benefit of subbing is that I can explore some new career options without feeling pressued to take a job because I need the money. If I get an offer that I'm not sure is right, I don't have to take it now, because at least I'm earning money. I've also gone on a few informational interviews and am continuing to network, in hopes that a neat opportunity will arise somewhere at some point.

I'm not thrilled about the nature of supply work--not knowing until the last minute if you have a job (I have had a few arranged several days in advance, though), not knowing the students, the curriculum, etc., etc. On the other hand, if I do want to stay and work for this school board eventually, I'll know a lot of the schools really well and know which ones I want to work at! And unlike real teaching, there's never any work to take home with you. I can pack up my bag at 2:30 or 3:30 or whenever each school day ends and head home, carefree (except for worrying about where I'm going to work tomorrow!). And some days I have nice peaceful classes and get a lot of knitting done...but I have discovered that happens less in public schools than in the private school!

And for those who want to know what Stephen is up to--he just finished his 4 month family medicine rotation and is about to start a palliative care rotation for November. I say about to, because he's at a conference in Quebec City this weekend, so he's starting the rotation late. Sadly for me, his rotation is in Windsor, so I won't be seeing that much of him--he has an apartment there for the month. He will be back for some Wednesday lectures/seminars, and hopefully will be home on some weekends, too!

I'll be sure to post if something interesting happens...but if you don't see anything, you can assume I'm just merrily subbing away. :-)