A wee bit more knitting

Not much exciting here...supply work is still steady, but both dull and stressful at the same time. At least real teaching is interesting along with being stressful!

I have managed to get some knitting done on the following projects, though:

This hat is actually not THAT recent of a project, but I don't think I posted the pic before. It's quite stretchy, so would fit a variety of head sizes! The Booga bag is another felted project, although it may get another spin in the washing machine to thicken up a little more. It should really be a bit stiffer.

It's not a great picture, but the top one is a wine cover--same colours as the bag above, but it felted better so it's nice and thick. The other one is a Liesel scarf. It's slow work, but I love the leafy pattern, and it's very soft yarn.