Trying New Things

It's good for me, right? The first new thing of the day has been me playing around with the format of my blog. I'm trying to take advantage of the new Blogger features, and also trying to connect myself a little bit with the rest of the online world. We'll see how it goes!

New thing number 2 will be the school knitting club, which gets going tomorrow. I found out today that the school will reimburse me for supplies I buy, so I stopped today to buy some yarn and needles to start the kids out. It's hard to decide what to get everyone! I decided simpler and cheaper was better, so I got a whole bunch of US7 needles, and some Bernat Satin in baby colours. My plan is to have them all knit squares, and I will collect them and sew them into a blanket. (Did I say that in my last post? Sorry if I'm repeating myself!) After they master knit, they can then purl some squares, and maybe do some in stockinette or someday moss stitch or something fancier! We'll see how it goes....

New thing number 3 will be next week....I had thought when my work schedule switched to mornings that it would be good, and so far it has (it started last week). But one benefit I was hoping for was that I would be able to occasionally take a supply teaching job for the afternoon. Next week I have my first afternoon supply job, and it's the first time I'll be working at a school here in Strathroy! It's the elementary school closest to my house, teaching grade 8, so I'm excited about that. I hope it goes well....might be nice to make some contacts that close to home.

Now, I have a scarf to knit for the weekend because we're visiting someone, and then a 2nd sock OTN for Stephen. (I did finish baby cardi # 2, and the first sock for Stephen. Guess I'll have to take some pictures and post those soon--next time, I promise!)


Anonymous said…
The knitting club sounds fun for the kids. I taught my 10 year-old niece to crochet last year, and she was so excited to make her first scarf. :) Now she's pestering me to teach her knitting!

The percentage bars you were asking about came from Yarn Tomato who has kindly made them available on her site.