Umm....100% Canadian? Me?

Found a reference to this quiz on Ali's blog and gave it a can imagine my shock at this result:

How Canadian Are You?

YOU, my friend, are 100% Canadian! You are what Canadians are all about! (and that's about. not a boot.) You, my friend, are AWESOME!
Take this quiz!

Of course, most of the answers were predictable even if you've never lived in Canada. (and the spelling in the quiz was terrible, so I doubt the credibility of the author!) If anyone else non-Canadian tries it, let me know what your result was so we can heap scorn upon the creators of the quiz....


Twitchy Knitter said…
Thanks for pointing me to this quiz! I grew up in New Orleans, and live in So. Mississippi now. Never been to Canada, but have friends in St. John's, Newfoundland who are gonna get a big kick out of the fact I scored 100% Canadian. Thanks again! Knit On!
Anonymous said…
Sorry to tell you gals this, but I think everyone gets 100%...we wouldn't want you Americans to think that you are not perfect too! LOL ;-)

Lots of love Lindsey...we will be visiting sometime soon!
Paula Collins said…
Sorry...I did not mean to be anonymous...Take care, Paula