Umm....100% Canadian? Me?

Found a reference to this quiz on Ali's blog and gave it a can imagine my shock at this result:

How Canadian Are You?

YOU, my friend, are 100% Canadian! You are what Canadians are all about! (and that's about. not a boot.) You, my friend, are AWESOME!
Take this quiz!

Of course, most of the answers were predictable even if you've never lived in Canada. (and the spelling in the quiz was terrible, so I doubt the credibility of the author!) If anyone else non-Canadian tries it, let me know what your result was so we can heap scorn upon the creators of the quiz....


Anonymous said…
Thanks for pointing me to this quiz! I grew up in New Orleans, and live in So. Mississippi now. Never been to Canada, but have friends in St. John's, Newfoundland who are gonna get a big kick out of the fact I scored 100% Canadian. Thanks again! Knit On!
Anonymous said…
Sorry to tell you gals this, but I think everyone gets 100%...we wouldn't want you Americans to think that you are not perfect too! LOL ;-)

Lots of love Lindsey...we will be visiting sometime soon!
Anonymous said…
Sorry...I did not mean to be anonymous...Take care, Paula