What a New Year....

It's been an eventful few weeks, and today is the first day I've even had a chance to sit down at the computer for more than 5 minutes at a time! :-)

For those who don't know, my maternal grandfather passed away January 3, so I went straight from my "vacation" in NC to MI to help my mom & aunt with everything, and to go to the funeral. Although it was hard, we all know it was really a blessing that he went when he did--peacefully, in his sleep, before his health deteriorated further.

That meant I missed the first day back to school after break, so I came home and dove right into work, and am just getting time to start getting the house in order (and put away all the Xmas decor!). On the work front, there have been some positive developments. The 2nd semester starts the week after next, and my course schedule is being juggled. Although my hours won't be increasing, I will be switching to mornings, which I think I will like better. AND I'm going to be teaching history as well as my current math and science classes, so that should be good. I think I'm actually starting to enjoy working part time, and financially it's working out better than expected, so I'm feeling pretty good about that.

Knitting time has been limited over the last few weeks, but I have put together a slide show of all my 2006 knits (well, everything I took a picture of--there were a several scarves and dishcloths, plus one very cute little backpack that didn't get their pictures taken!). Photobucket limits the number of photos you can put in one slide show for free, so I've had to create 2 shows. You can view them here:

I'm hoping this week to get back to some more serious knitting time, and after I get through 1 or 2 projects I have planned (socks and a felted bag, I think), I may even go yarn shopping again. I'm hoping to try a serious project soon--either a lace shawl or a sweater. I also got some great knitting gifts for Xmas, including a scarf pattern book, so there are lots of really cool scarves in there I want to try. Wish me luck!