Make Your Own Snow Day!

OK, I had a post all drafted about 30 minutes ago, but my computer crashed before I published. I'll see if I can recreate the highlights.....#1 of which was that I got to stay home today! The city was apparently OK, but out here in the country we once again got slammed (took the 2 of us working together about 90 minutes to shovel out our driveway--so not upstate New York level snow, but still a pretty serious amount!). There's supposedly more on the way tonight, depending on whose forecast you believe, so we'll see what tomorrow is like.

The upshot of this was that I was very productive (after the 90 minutes of shoveling, amazed I had any energy left!). The sun came out this afternoon, so I ventured into town to run errands, including ordering my first new pair of glasses in about a decade. They should be ready Friday, so maybe I'll post pics on the weekend. I also got some knitting done, and hope to do more later. I'm this far on my Ivy now (actually, I'm 2 rows farther, since the computer crash delayed posting of the pic!). This is the back panel:

My school knitters are really coming along, too. I laid out the squares (OK, many of them are rectangles, but I'm optimistic that I can fit them all together!) they have made to see how close we are to a baby blanket, and you can see that we're getting there:

And I think the last major item in my original post was that tonight Stephen and I are having dinner at our favourite local restaurant (although there's not much competition, they really are an amazing restaurant!), the UpFront Cafe (they have no website for me to link to!). They rotate different interional cuisines every weekend, and tonight they are doing a Belgian dinner for valentine's. Apparently the menu does not include moules et frites (that and waffles are about my only Belgian food references!), so I'm not sure what we're getting, but I know it will be good. I know I haven't done a great job of tempting friends and family to come visit here in the country, but if you're a fan of GOOD food (sometimes fancy, sometimes simple), you really should come here and try this place. Mmm.


Kai said…
Lucky you!! I would love to be snowed in... *sigh*

The Ivy is looking gorgeous and the squares/rectangles are fab... :) I'm glad your pupils are enjoying it.. school is where i learnt to knit. :)

The restaurant sounds fabulous. food, any food is always on my books!! :)