By popular demand--the left front of my Ivy!

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It's still damp, so that's why the colours look splotchy. This was much more fun to knit for me than the back, and now I'm excited about getting the rest of it done. Hopefully will make lots of progress on the right front this weekend--and might start the 2nd tie, too, since I discovered they're good to knit during a basketball game (although due to Georgetown's miracle comeback last weekend, I have lots less invested in watching the Final Four than I had hoped. Grr.).

Thanks all for the nice comments on the blanket. :-) Oh, and coming of the blooming crocuses in my front garden! It's grey and icky out right now, so the piccies will have to wait a day or 2 for sun, I think....but there are pretty purple and white blooms starting to come out. And I think there are some daffodils about to bloom as well. (of course, it's supposed to snow next much for spring!)


Anonymous said…
Nice work on Ivy. :)

We got snow this morning, but by afternoon it had brightened up again, so I'm not complaining.
belaybunny said…
Ivy looks lovely so far, the colour is really pretty. I must make one soon!!
Lothlorian said…
thats lovely the colour is really pretty