Forest Canopy!

I finished my Forest Canopy shawl! Yay! Here it is pinned out for blocking:
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And modelled with matching dress (it's hard to get good pictures of yourself...but I'm moderately happy with this!):
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The pattern was great to follow, and I'll almost certainly do another one someday...but my next lace project will be the Swallowtail shawl. I plan on doing that once I finish my Ivy--I think it uses the same needles, and I'm resisting the temptation to switch straight to it! I have the yarn already, though....Knitpicks Shadow in Grape Jelly. Of course, the other thing holding me back is that the yarn needs to be wound, and the swift I ordered on eBay hasn't come yet. Argh. I could put the yarn over the chair legs and wind from there, but since I KNOW I have a swift on its way...well, I want to wait! I have emailed the seller to make sure if shipped on's probably just CanadaPost being their notoriously slow selves again.

So that leaves my Ivy as my current WIP, and it definitely needs some attention as it's going slowly right now. But I might cast on for some socks or something small soon, too. After all, we'll be travelling next week (Mississauga, Barrie, and Orillia...ooh-ee!) and I will want something pretty portable to take with me. I'm thinking Cairi's Sweetheart socks in my February sock club yarn. Although my list of bookmarked sock patterns is huge (see that list on the left? Am I right that about 50% of them are socks? Not all say it in the name, but I think I count 17 sock patterns out of 34 total patterns!)....but since the February colour is a lovely blend of pinks called "Kiss Me," these seem the most appropriate. :-)

Now, basketball will be starting soon, and I have a few chores to take care of. (although if today's games are as predictable and boring as the daytime ones were yesterday....I'd almost rather do chores than watch! The evening session was better--go VCU Rams!--but I was disappointed with how little of the UNC game I was able to see, the networks only showed it for the few minutes in the second half when it was close.) So I probably won't be posting again until after our little trip.


Jinann said…
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Jinann said…
The shawl is beautiful! You modeled it well - I'll bet you're proud!

I'm still working on my Swallowtail shawl.....I keep forgetting to K to the two end stitches on each side on the Purl rows, so I've got lots of "mistakes". I don't want to rip back to those.....there are too many of them (LOL!). Can't wait till you start yours!
Anonymous said…
Ooh... Lindsey! Your shawl is stunning! The Kool-Aid yarn looks fabulous knitted up to this pattern.
Wow, that shawl is incredible! It drapes perfectly on you, too! Nice job... :-)
Kai said…
it's stunning Lindsey and so are you. :)

The colour really suits you.
Anonymous said…
Your shawl is absolutely gorgeous - what a fantastic job you did with knitting it up! The yarn you've been using looks so great in this colourway!
belaybunny said…
I love the shawl, it looks so pretty. The colour is really nice and it suits you very well!!
Hellbelle said…
Your shawl is beautiful! Really pretty colours and goes with the dress very well too :)