One sock done!

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An update to respond to some comments....The sock pattern is Diane's, called Cafe Curtains, which can be found here. It was very fast and easy to knit, and I definitely recommend it. I did one extra pattern repeat on the leg, and next time might do 1 or 2 more, but that's just a personal preference. These are a gift, and I think the recipient likes her socks on the shorter side, so they should be good!

Diane's instructions for the toe and heel are very clear. Both use short rows with yarn-overs, which I had been prepared to find scary, but actually really liked. I found it much faster than doing a heel flap and then picking up the gusset stitches (I really don't like picking up stitches, although I do like the look of a gusset). And the toe is exactly the same as the heel, so if you can master the heel, you can proceed with confidence to the toe. It does mean there are more stitches to graft when you finish the toe (32 on each needle), but I actually kinda like kitchener stitch (yup, I'm weird).

The yarn is Posh Yarns Lucia. The colour is from January's sock club, called Twinkle. I probably should have used this for a plainer pattern where the colours would be less of a distraction from the pattern, but....I wanted to try Cafe Curtains, so I plunged ahead with it anyways. This was my first time using Lucia, and I LOVED it. Joining the sock club was a really big splurge for me (I used my Christmas money from multiple relatives to join), but I'm really glad I did....this yarn is fabulous stuff, and I'm excited that I get to use it again and again!

And to my non-knitting readers, sorry for all this technical info. I know it sounds like gobbledygook to you, but believe it or not, knitters care about this minutiae. ;-)


Anonymous said…
Very beautiful sock! I love the pattern, and the colourway looks awesome!
Kai said…
lovely sock... colourway is fab..

silly question, but what's the pattern?
belaybunny said…
I think the sock is looking fantastic. Great to see how the pattern is coming out, cos I've got that same colourway in my stash ;)
Anonymous said…
That's a very nice sock indeed!

And I don't think you're weird for liking the grafting part. That's probably because I do too. ;) I find it quite therapeutic when I get a nice rhythm going.