Lovely weekend

Although I'm exhausted, I had a lovely weekend down in NC and am so happy we got to go. The wedding itself was lovely (being an idiot, I left my camera at the hotel, so no pictures....but it was an outdoor ceremony, perfect sunny-but-not-too-hot day, in the gardens at Magnolia Manor. The reception was quite fun, and we really enjoyed the Sunday brunch--another beautiful outdoor setting, but a smaller group so we could really all catch up. And since I'm still partly campaigning to convince Stephen to move back to NC, I think this weekend was perfect for that....

I also made some good knitting progress on the plane each way, and gave some older projects away (plus I wore my Forest Canopy, and was told by the bride that I couldn't tell the groom I had made it myself because she's "not that kind of wife"!). I had finished my Freedom Spirit beret earlier, and photographed it on this model:
Freedom Spirit Beret
It now belongs to my stepmother, and I think it looks even better on her! ;-)

My mom also received the Sweetheart socks, and said they were a perfect fit. And then I finished my first Parasol sock. As I finished it on the plane, with no ruler (and I didn't want to take off my socks and try it on there!), I was guessing a bit as to the size. It JUST barely fits me....but it's deliciously soft, I think I'll keep it!
Parasol Sock #1

Haven't gone back to my Swallowtail yet, but tomorrow is another weird mid-week day off, so I'll try it then, in between my housework & visit to the dentist!

And....11 more teaching days of school!! (But that's followed by 3 days of camping with the kids, the grad/awards day, and then 3 days of staff reflection...but still!) Actually, that's just given me a minor panic attack....I'm not going to finish everything I was planning to teach. Eek!! Time to do some lesson planning....


Kai said…
Sounds like you had a lovely time!

I love the beret and the parasol sock looks fabulous. I must get around to knitting up Kay's pattern soon.
Anonymous said…
Glad you had a nice break. I just don't get on well with cameras: If I take one, it never gets used; if I leave it behind, I find myself wanting to take pics!

Your FOs are great! Smashing beret, and gorgeous socks. You'll have to share your secret for pretty short rows. :)

And... Tag, you're it! If you feel like having a go at a meme, pop over to my blog for the details. Apologies if you've already done this, and I missed it.