Secret Santa booty

I almost forgot to post about my lovely AY Summer Secret Santa haul! I was very spoiled by the lovely LittleBerry/Ann, who treated me to a flower & lace themed present. 3 different laceweight yarns (Posh, Loony Boony, and some hand-dyed by Ann), plus 2 lace patterns (Scotch Thistle & Hanami), and some lovely lavender soap.


I have several other projects to get to before I can start using these lovelies, but that gives me time to decide which yarns will become which pretty patterns. Hopefully I can spend lots of time this summer knitting lace....I can't wait!


Kate said…
*pets Loony Boony*

I got some from my pal, too. :-) It will become something big and gorgeous from VLT, I think!