Trying to be Productive

So today I have one of those really weird days off in the middle of the week! If I haven't mentioned it before, my school is affiliated with the Baha'i faith--it is not a religious school, per say, but many of the staff, and quite a few students are Baha'i. Anyway, today is a Baha'i holiday, so the school is closed. There are several such holidays in May, so we actually have a very strange calendar for this month. It's a little strange being home on a Wednesday, but I could get used to it. And since I spent most of Saturday doing school-related stuff (open house and a student performance), I feel like I'm owed a weekend day in the middle of the week! ;-)

But it does beg the question of how best to use such a day. I did have an opportunity to take a supply job with the public schools today, and turned it down, so I feel like I should make good use of my time at home since I'm not earning extra money. I have done some school work (marking, creating a quiz, etc.) and a load of laundry. I also updated all the pattern links on this blog....those are really there for me more than anything, as a quick reference to what I want to knit next. I labelled all the sock patterns as such, since sometimes I see the link sitting over there and go "I don't remember what that pattern was...", click it, and then go "doh! more socks!". :-) Now at least I know how many socks I want to make!

For the afternoon, I have plans to do some general cleaning/tidying, sort through some old clothes to donate, pay bills, and hopefully knit. I have a small felted teddy bear drying and waiting to be stuffed & finished (pictures coming when done!). He's a present for a baby shower on the weekend, so I'd like to get hime done. I started a cardi with my leftover yarn for the shower (see the WIP bar, at 1%?), but wasn't sure I'd have enough to finish, which would be I went with the teddy bear. I may try to whip off some booties, too. And my sweetheart socks are nearing completion!

Oh, as an update to the last post...I did not get an offer for summer school, but I am on their "back-up list" (if they have larger enrollment than they expect, they'll call me). I am also checking with them about the possibility of supply teaching for summer school. Not sure if that's handled through the normal process, or if there's a separate, shorter list of teachers they use for that. That could be ideal, though...I would be able to take any vacations, etc., that I want to, wouldn't have to worry about marking or planning, but could still make some extra money through the summer. We shall see!

And I have finally started tackling some semi-serious gardening. I did some planting on our front flower bed. It's not perfect, but once some of the foundation plants grow in a bit and fill up the blank space & add height, I think it will look pretty good. Now I can slowly start doing what I want out back--next up will be planting some roses, I think, and expanding the herb/vegetable bed beside our patio. Then when we get our fence (within the month, I think), I may do a second flower bed in a corner of the back yard. Of course, once we get the fence I may be busy with the new dog that we will probably get then! :-)

OK, off to check some of those tasks of my list. :-)


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