I'm trying hard to stick to posting at least once a week, which usually isn't hard (you may have noticed that I have a lot to say about EVERYTHING!). Not much that I can think of to talk about this week. I have several knitting projects on the go, although not a lot to report about them. Oh, I do have a piccie of the beginnings of my Rusted Root, but it's a terrible photo of me:
Rusted Root beginning

Also on the go are some of Kay's Parasol socks--although they may go slightly slower than expected, because I wasn't paying attention and am knitting the pattern all around the leg instead of just on the front side. Oops! No picture yet, but I'll post one soon....

Oh, I also have come to the realization that my yarn stash is large enough to keep me busy for a long time, so I am on a "stashalong"--knitting only from stash, not buying new stuff--until Sept. 1. I'm thinking I will allow myself time off when we take our summer vacation, in case we stumble across a neat yarn shop. But otherwise I have plenty to do to keep me busy. (And I also have a big order of yarn awaiting pick-up at my mom's house this weekend...and a package coming from my Secret Summer Santa....so that should keep me busy for a while!) Here is my count-down ticker:
Please help keep me honest.

And in non-knitting....umm. Oh, I'm definitely teaching full-time at my school next year, so I think that's good news. We have agreed to create a middle school program, and I will get to teach as a team with Elissa (the other American 20-something history teacher with a craft habit who is good with middle school age kids....weird, huh?), and we will be somewhat autonomous within the larger school. Or at least that's the plan! We shall see....

And this weekend we're off to NC for a few days for Eric & Lauren's wedding. Then it's 4 more weeks of school (and lots of holidays in there at our school!), followed by 3 days of staff "reflection." (yes, that's serious....we're very big on consulting and reflecting, so we will actually sit around for the better part of 3 days and discuss how the year went and what we're going to do next year!) And then vacation!!

Hmm, somehow I think I've managed to fill this post quite nicely. Sorry for the random ramblings, though...

Meanwhile Stephen has been working evil hours (pediatric emergency this month....ick!) and has managed to get sick.


Kai said…
Rusted Root is looking lovely.

And I'm intrigued with the parasol Sock changes.. :)

I'm stash-along-ing as well. :(

Have fun at the wedding!
I've just been admiring Kai's Rusted Root. :)

I love the colour you've chosen. Very nice!