Parasol Socks

Parasol Socks
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OK, OK. Kai wins--here are the completed socks. They're a bit less orange than this in person--think of all the colours in a peach (yellows, peaches, pinks) and that's what they really look like. And because I'm going to try to be better about this, here are the details:

Pattern: Kay's Parasol Socks. (modifications: short row heel & toe, and the pattern goes all the way around the leg because I can't read. Oh, also I only did the purl stitches every other row, because I didn't look at the chart until after I had done a repeat from the text instructions!)
Yarn: Natural Dye Studios alpaca/merino in Supernova
Needles: US 2s (2.75 mm, right?)

Oh, and just for fun...I came home today and found my last Posh sock club yarn in the mail. Very nice surprise after a LONG day at school (big fight with administration over our camping trip. I mostly won, but only after having to justify decisions that had already been approved ages ago!). Anyway, the lovely Dee at Posh Yarn decided that all the sock club members would get their own unique colours this month for the "Farewell" yarn. I was very happy with mine, lots of lovely shades of purple:



Anonymous said…
Love the socks! Such neat stitching and pretty short-rows. :) And by not sticking rigidly to the pattern, you've got yourself a smashing pair of unique socks.

Oh, and I've been eyeing up that CotLin yarn in the KP mag. Is it nice to knit with?
Kai said…
Yay! Lovely socksies piccie!! :)

We likesey.
belaybunny said…
lovely socks, and nice swallowtail as well. your fence is good!!
Jinann said…
Love the yarn and your Swallowtail - great colors!
dianemulholland said…
Ooooh, I love that yarn - yummy colour!
Anonymous said…
Eeee, beautiful socks! I really like it with the pattern all around the ankle.

And OH, that PY is just gorgeous.