Rockin'? Who, me? :-)

Well, it turns out I've been nominated by Ali for a Rockin' Girl Blogger award. From what I gather, I'm now supposed to nominate 5 people I think worthy of such an award--so I guess this is a meme, but one that honours others rather than reveals weird things about you. So I think I'm alright with that!

However, it is very tough to choose people....I enjoy all of the blogs I surf, or else I wouldn't bother reading them. And I keep finding cool new ones, too. That being said, I'll have to pick a few of my favourites, in no particular order. (Ali nominated Kai in her post, eliminating one of my choices for me!)
1. Christina--not only does she have wonderful knitting posts, but she frequently blogs about her outdoor adventures, motivating me to get off the couch. (Look for my upcoming blog about a walk in the woods, I think--Christina's recent post about her trek up Snowdon motivated me to go explore the local trails!)
2. Cairi--she amuses me no end, and she dyes some truly fabulous yarns. Be sure to check out her etsy shop as well as the blog--and if you ever want to buy me a gift, I'd be happy with any of her yarn!
3. Kate. Not only a great knitter, but a brilliant designer. She's the force behind Cairi's Sweetheart Socks, among many other patterns I still hope to knit!
4. Diane--An ex-teacher who inspires me to consider other careers, and a brilliant spinning teacher, even all the way across the Atlantic!
5. Kay--Sometimes I think all the cool knitters are in England, so it's nice to read a Canadian knitting blog. Plus, her photos are fabulous, and I've enjoyed knitting her designs, too!

So I guess I'm done....hmm. But if there are any other blogs on my blogroll that you haven't looked at, and you're into knitting or crafts, check them out, too. I really do enjoy them all!! :-)


Anonymous said…
Heeeeeeeeee! Thank you.

Although I do think that most of the cool knitters are in England. (I'd be in England, too, if I had the funds to move there. =))
Anonymous said…
You can come live with me Kay :-)then you'll be a cool knitter in England too.

Thanks Lindsey! Sometimes, you know, you almost inspire me to return to teaching :-D
Kate said…

Thank you so much for nominating me. I feel all clever and special. :-)

And now you've picked half the people I'd have chosen, who am I going to nominate?!
Lothlorian said…
blushes wow hun I come blog surfing and get met withthis....right back at you sweetie xx