Tuesday Twitterings

So, first, you may have noticed that last week I changed the Falling Leaves tracking bar to 100%. That's right, they're done! :-)

Pattern: Falling Leaves from Knitty
Yarn: Posh Lucia in March sock club colourway ("March Hare", I think?)
Needles: KnitPicks 2.5 mm circular, done as Magic Loop
Modifications: I only knit the pattern on the leg, not the foot. I think that's it. Next time I would work the yos on the toe differently, though, because the way the pattern states leaves a little ridge inside. It seems fine for the heel, but I have them on now and my toes find it a bit annoying. The way they're worked in the Cafe Curtains socks seems preferable to me, so I'll use that in the future. Part of the problem may also be that they're just a smidge too short for me. Like maybe a centimeter. But I still plan to keep this pair--haven't done any socks for myself in a while, and the yarn has softened up more than the last time I worked with Lucia, so they feel lovely!

Of course, having one pair of socks done means I have started a new pair. :-) I have joined the Sockamania Club just in time to receive the July pattern for Serpentine Socks. These are going to be for Stephen, and I'm working them in Trekking Pro Natura (25% bamboo, 75% wool) in a denim-like colourway. I have adjusted the pattern a little because they seemed too tight for him, but otherwise it's a nice, simple pattern. Very easy to remember! I should arrive at the heel today--I haven't decided if I'm going to do a flap as the pattern states, or short row. I've never done a toe-up flap, so I feel like I should give it a try....

These socks are sort of a belated anniversary present for Stephen. I cast on for them on our anniversary, and he knows they're for him. Really, our main present to each other was spending much of the weekend in Stratford (that's the one in Ontario!). We drove up Saturday morning, had lunch in St. Mary's (The Westover Inn there is fabulous!), and checked in to a B&B in Stratford (we were lucky that there had been a cancellation--rooms are hard to find in Festival season!). We saw 2 plays (To Kill a Mockingbird and My One and Only), both of which were fabulous (we did a bit of research before buying tickets, although I didn't expect I'd agree with the theatre critics as much as I did!). From talking to other guests, it seemed like we probably chose the best 2 of the plays currently running at the Festival, and since we were able to get the cheap tickets for the under-30 crowd, it was even more wonderful. We had a fabulous Indian dinner, something we don't get much of in Strathroy (unless I'm cooking--I've learned a few good Indian recipes since we moved away from Toronto!). Sunday morning we walked spent strolling in the park, taking in the swans.
White swans
Black swans
Baby swans
And finally we ended with lunch at the York Street Kitchen. I recommend the Othello (a goat cheese sandwich) and strongly suggest dessert (selections rotate daily!). :-)

That's most of the news for now, I think. I'm still spending a good deal of time thinking about future career options--probably I should spend a few hours of this time planning for next school year, since I'm not changing careers yet, and I'm teaching some new-to-me subjects again next year. Dietician and Librarian still rank highest on the list, although I find myself being swayed by other ideas all the time (Mockingbird certainly reminded me of why I used to dream about practicing law. I would want to work in civil rights or human rights or some "noble" field of law, though.). But this week is schedule to be about actually finishing some knitting and getting the house tidied, because next week we have company--family for a few days, and then a friend for a few days! And after that I have plans to go to Toronto for a day and meet up with a few fellow knitters. So I have to clear out some room in the stash bin, because I intend to take a day off from my stashalong and do a bit of shopping.

Right now, though, I'm craving some really good bread....and realizing I haven't baked my own bread in ages. So it's off to the kitchen to proof some yeast and see what I can create! :-)


belaybunny said…
I love your falling leaves socks, I prefer the pattern just on the cuff too!! And the serpentine ones are looking lovely, nice colour.
Anonymous said…
Glad you got into the Sockamania KAL! Your Serpentines are looking great. I've been a bit slack this month, and haven't made these.

Your Falling Leaves socks are gorgeous! Very pretty colours.
Piglottie said…
Stunning socks - great pattern and yarn combination. Dont you just love a bit of Posh? :)