Don't be alarmed...

...if I disappear from blogland for a little while. Back-to-school madness has begun, and things won't *really* calm down until next June. :-) We had our staff retreat from Sunday to Wednesday last week, so I came home exhausted from that. However, I did find some lovely goodies in my mail when I came home:
Dishcloth swap!
These were the goodies I received from Kirsty as part of the Angel Yarns Forum Dishcloth swap. You may notice that there were 3 kinds of chocolate, as well as some stitch markers and that great kitchen towel. When the sun came back out this morning, I took a better picture of the towel so you can see the colours:
Kitchen Towel made by Kirsty

The retreat, while very busy and a little stressful, was also a nice time with co-workers (I really do work with some very lovely people!), and a great chance to get lots of knitting done, as predicted. So an update on the current WIPs:
Green Gable
Green Gable in Columbine Cotton Fleece. I'm about a dozen rows from taking the sleeves off, which is when it starts to actually resemble an article of clothing! :-)

Spiralling Socks
August Sockamania socks in PY Emily. They are a pretty quick knit, so I am holding out hope that I *might* finish by the end of the month. We're on our family vacation to Michigan this week, though, so not sure if I'll have a chance to post photos to the blog by Friday night to qualify as a finisher. Still, I'm enjoying them! The Emily is scrummy, I will definitely have to buy some more someday.

MS3 Clue 1A
Yes, I finally did start MS3. I'm a bit under 60 rows in, so just at the beginning of Chart B. This could be a very long project, as it does require focused knitting. Not good for working on during a staff meeting or when I'm really tired--and most of my knitting during the school year occurs during one of those 2 states. :-)

So that's all the knitting for now. We leave on our vacation tomorrow, and when we get back it's Labour Day weekend and time to really get ready for school (I spent Thursday & Friday this week doing up my classroom, meeting with other teachers about scheduling issues, etc., and then I worked on lesson plans yesterday--but I'll never really feel ready!). Hopefully I'll have some more FOs in the upcoming weeks, and will sneak in a blog entry to show them off--but no promises. I'm also expecting my invite to Ravelry to come in the next few weeks, so that will distract me way too much, I'm afraid. ;-)


Kai said…
Wow! You've been busy! :)

The stole is looking good and the GG is fabulous! I'm on clue 4 and I haven't got much further... ah well. :)

Enjoy being back at school.. :)
Anonymous said…
All the knits are looking great. Is that Green & Blacks choccy you got sent? It's the best chocolate ever!
Anonymous said…
one busy bee!!! Oohh, yummy chocolate one of my favs!! See you on Rav....more time spent on PC, less time knitting...Poo, but fun
Jinann said…
For a busy girl, you've got a ton of great looking projects going. I like the color you chose for the MS3 - it's quite striking!
Bearium said…
ooh Green & Blacks chocololate, lucky you! I love the GG pattern, I think that's another one that needs to be added to my list.