Great Service!

I, like many other knitters, have been largely converted to using KnitPicks needles. I only have the Options tips in 3 sizes right now (US 4, 5, 6), but they are by far the sizes I use the most, and I imagine I will gradually add in some of the other sizes over time. I also like to do my socks on Magic Loop now, so this spring I picked up one of the Classic Circs in the 2.5 mm size (and I have plans to buy some of the other sizes now that they have expanded that range! Yay for responding to customer demand and adding new sizes!).

Unfortunately, the needle tip has come loose just a bit from the cable, resulting in a little gap. It doesn't look like much--you may not even be able to see it, below:

KP needle 2

But the yarn gets caught there every time I shift the stitches around, which is certainly a pain. I thought "oh, crud, it's going to be a pain to send it back and wait to get a new one...if they'll even let me return it, since it's been several months since I bought it." But then I read Ali's review of the great service she recently received from KP, I decided to email them and see what they said. Lo and behold, she was right! They replied very promptly with an offer to mail me the new one straightaway, no need to send back the old one. Their only question was whether I wanted it sent here or to my mom's address, which is where I received my last order. So, hard to beat that for service. And I haven't heard of anyone else having this problem with the KP needles, either, so I feel like it was just a one-off. So if you're wondering whether you should get yourself some....yes, you should! :-)

Beyond that, not much other news. Oh! My copy of the new Harry Potter came into the library today (not a long wait at all, as I was #23 on the list and we have a fairly small library system. But they are a wonderful library system, their service is fabulous and they have been great about getting me all the books I want!). So I will have to bury myself in that over the next few days--don't expect to hear from me for a bit. ;-) Although I still have dreams of getting a bunch of knitting done. Hah!

Now, time to sit down with the book and a blueberry-molasses cupcake. (Thanks for the recipe, Paula!) Oh dear....I'm going to have to keep an eye on the clock so that dinner gets made in time for me to go to my knitting group tonight! Hmph.


Anonymous said…
i had the same problem with one of my cables, it almost seperated from the metal section and as I was placing another order with them, i emailed them and they replaced it, no questions asked and also was told to keep my old one. I had to get it delivered to a US address tho.
Anonymous said…
As always, I enjoy your visits...welcome anytime! Glad the blueberry cake 'modified to muffins' receipe turned out great...Great Nanny Oldford would be proud! Take the way, I love those colors of yarn you picked out...the blues are very nice indeed. We are going to test out Emma's new shirt you gave her this weekend on our camping trip! Take care and see you soon.
Anonymous said…
Oopps...recipe...typing as fast as I speak
Anonymous said…
It's a real shame about your needle coming apart, but I'm so pleased you got the same service I did from Knit Picks. Smart companies know the value of keeping their customers happy.