Look Ma, Two Hands!

Yes, that's right--Fair Isle knitting! OK, it isn't anything *useful* at this point, but I managed to finish my swatch for Diane's Steek-a-long. It's my first time doing fair isle, but I managed to get a bit of a grip on how the heck you're supposed to knit with 2 hands at once! It was a very valuable learning experience in its own right, because I initially was getting a big ridge at each side of my knitting (it's a round tube). I realized I was pulling the carried colour too tight at the sides (trying to avoid ladders!), and when I corrected this on the second half, things went much better. Now the scariest part is still to come, of course--the cutting of the steek! But Diane has yet to lead me astray with her SSALs, her great patterns, and her helpful advice--so I'm going to trust her and take the plunge. :-)

Now for a few more FOs:

Pattern:Baby Hat & Socks, Peppercorn stitch (my own design)
Yarn: Bernat Softee Baby (yeah, acrylic--but it is soft and washable, good qualities in a baby yarn! And there's lots of it, so I'll be turning out a few more baby items in the near future--lots of friends and family with little ones on the way right now.)
Needles: KP Options, US 5

Pattern: Serpentine Socks, July Sockamania pattern
Yarn: Trekking Pro Natura
Needles: KP 2.5 mm circs for the foot, other 2.75 mm circs from the heel up (we were having sizing issues here!)
Modifications: Well, I worked the toe a bit differently from the pattern, but pretty similar. I use 72 stitches instead of 68, because with the tightness of the cables in this pattern it was too small for Stephen's foot at 68. My heel is a variation of the one in the pattern--done using EOP for some added strength. I did like doing a heel like this, though--you get a gusset without having to pick up stitches.

So now you're wondering "what's with all the arty outdoor photos this post?", aren't you? :-) Well, if you look closely in the background on those last 2, you'll see your answer--the fence! Our fence is in, which gives me more places to drape knitting for photo shoots, and also gives me a little privacy. Didn't really need the neighbours to think I was any crazier than they already do--and I'm sure I look quite insane as I drape little baby socks over the branches of a tree!

So what's next? I've been dithering about what to cast on for first. There are the August Sockamania socks, which I need to start if I have any intention of finishing by the end of the month. And my replacement KP circ has arrived, and I think I have some great yarn for these, so I'll probably go ahead with that. Also on the horizon are a Green Gable in some blue Cotton Fleece. And I think I'm finally ready to case on the Mystery Stole. Maybe it would be fitting if I cast that on tomorrow, the day the final clue is released? Odds are there will be a few very zealous and speedy knitters who actually finish theirs tomorrow! Oh, and I'm also starting to think about a few Xmas projects, and there is more of that baby yarn to use up....where oh where to begin? Hopefully I'll post again Saturday or Sunday before I head out. Otherwise you may not hear from me again for a little bit--there will be work (retreat and last minute school planning), and then play (family vacation in Charlevoix), and then work again (the real start of school!!). Wish me luck fitting in some knitting. :-)


Kate said…
Snip, snip, snip, snip...

Moggle said…
Great fairisle!
Nice of you to let your knitting have a play in the sunshine. :-)
Kai said…
i still have to do my swatch! actually, i still need to pick out the yarn for it...

great background for your knitting.. drape, drape, drape!
Jinann said…
LOL...I get the "odd looks" from my DH anytime I drape/arrange knitting, spinning, or yarn for photos. I have not idea what my neighbors would do if I started draping things on branches.....they'd probably call the men in the white coats!
belaybunny said…
great fairisle. nice socks too, I like the colour. I've yet to restart the first clue of the ms3 as well!!
Anonymous said…
Good post.