Getting tired of reading yet?

It really isn't the same blogging without photos, is it? :-) I am beginning to fear that my camera may be stuck in customs....I'll probably have to convince them that I already owned the camera, and am not importing it from the US. Grr. (Mind you, if I wanted to buy a camera, odds are that I *would* import it right now....pretty much everything is WAY cheaper in the US than here now!)

I've done a bit of spinning this weekend, as well as finishing the first of my Monkey socks, so I'll have to get photos of those when the camera is back home. MS3 is still there, but I'm only doing a few rows a week at this point. Green Gable is slowly coming along, and may get finished soon....and then I'm starting to plan a few Xmas projects, so there are many things I need to cast on!

In the non-crafty world, Stephen and I went to the recruitment fair for health professionals this week...we were very focused and only stopped at booths for towns we're seriously interested in, and now are planning to schedule a few more visits to see them. High on the list are Stratford, Barrie, and Owen Sound. We may also check out Brantford, which we don't know much about, and then we're still considering some of the larger cities in the area (Cambridge, Kitchener, etc.), but I think the mid-size communities will probably win out.

The other things I can think of to blog about are all better with pictures. There's the lovely jewellry that belonged to my dear friend Jenny (for those who don't know about Jenny, she passed away from breast cancer about a year and a half ago. We all still miss her SO much.). One of my other bestest friends, Michele, picked out some of Jenny's things and sent them to me this nice to have things of hers at all, and to top it off they are all beautiful pieces.

And on a more trivial note, there are my crazy tomatoes from my garden. They have been slowly ripening for ages, and this week we had a big harvest. There's still lots more out there, so hopefully I'll get some pictures of a few--they're very pretty colours and quite funky shapes!

Well, I have a big weekend to-do list, so I should get going on that, I guess. Stephen is gone to a conference for 2 nights, so I'm going to *try* to get some stuff done. I'm also going in to school for a few hours tomorrow to be the "administrative presence" while the school is open for Doors Open London. Not sure if that will allow me to get any work done while I'm there, but I kinda doubt that means I need to do some planning tonight or in the morning tomorrow. Hmph. Oh well, better get to it!