It's on its way!

So, I have learned that the camera was just shipped back to me Thursday or Friday, so it isn't (yet) held up in customs, and will hopefully be with me soon. When it does, I have *even more* new yarn to show off, so be prepared for an incredibly picture-heavy post. This week I received my sock club yarn from Middle Earth Yarns. Cairi is doing Lord of the Rings themed yarns for this 3-month run of the club, so this month's colourway is called The Ents. It's gorgeous, but I don't think I can do it justice in words. It's also incredibly soft, lovely merino. I don't know yet what I want to make with it....the colours may be pretty enough that I just choose to do plain socks, but I bet there's a pattern out there that would work well. I'll keep trawling on ravelry! :-)

Also on its way to me is some lovely Posh Yarns sock yarn. I decided last weekend that I really needed to try Dee's 3 newer sock yarns....Laura, Lei, and Helena. So I bought one skein of each! I can't wait for their arrival....although I am now afraid that a purchase of that size may have attracted the attention of customs. Fingers crossed....

School knitting club is back up and running again. This year it seems like about 2/3 of the students in the middle school want to knit. Yesterday afternoon they were all exhausted after our Terry Fox Run (I was quite worn out myself!), so we had some quiet activities--no point in forcing history down their throats when they're that exhausted. My grade 7 class actually had nap time for a bit, they were that tired. Anyway, I pulled out the yarn and needles in the afternoon, and all but 2 of the girls and over half of the boys picked out something to work on. I had to borrow needles from the elementary teacher, so today I went out to pick up some more cheap yarns and needles. I think I'm also going to keep taking in my remnants, too....they're good for making squares for baby blankets, or for the beginners to play with to figure things out. And 2 of my advanced knitters from last year have started working on some baby socks, so they can use up some of my leftover sock yarn. I tend to feel bad about not knitting enough for charity, but maybe I'm doing my part by helping an army of children knit for various causes. I feel a bit better about it, anyway.

I've been getting some spinning done, too, so I'll probably have a few pictures of that to share with the world. I still want to get a wheel for Christmas, but just enquired about some used ones and they cost more than I not sure if that's really in the cards. I'm looking around for other retailers now, and there is always eBay. I just wish there were a local store that sold them, because I think shipping may be quite pricey!

OK, that's probably enough rambling without photos to share. Hopefully the camera will come in the next week and I can overwhelm you all with photospam. I know you can't wait!


Kate said…
*crosses fingers for safe camera arrival* :-)