Just a few words

Very few, as I've just heard Stephen's car pull in, which means we're going to go heat up leftovers in a minute here. :-)

But I wanted to prove that I do still exist, in case you were wondering! I have actually finished some knitting, but I don't have my camera to prove it (left it in Michigan and am awaiting a postal delivery from my very kind uncle who is sending it on to me!). My August socks were finished just a few days late, and are all blocked and pretty now. I also started a little baby blanket, nothing too exciting, but will post piccies when it's done. GG and the MS3 are progressing slowly right now, but I expect to get more GG done in the next week!

And the best news of all...the first week of school, while utterly exhausting, has been going very well! Our new "middle school" program seems to be working, and it has also given myself and my co-teacher the flexibility to adapt things as we need to. Much less stressful than trying to work through an entire school of people to fix things! So yay for that.

Normal service will resume someday....and I'll also catch up on reading all your blogs, the AY forum, and everything else. Someday.

Oh, and I must remember when I do a full post with piccies....I found some cool yarn in Michigan to share with you all! Met the couple who spin and dye it and got to tour their little workshop, so that was really neat.


Jinann said…
Where in Michigan? Just curious as I have my favorite places in Lansing....
YarnSnob said…
don't worry...we aren't going anywhere :)