Still no Photos :-(

The camera is still in transit, so no new photos still. When it makes it back it's going to be one big photospam post, I think. I have a couple of FOs and WIPs I haven't photo'd yet, and also several recent yarn purchases to show off!

Speaking of which, I had a question about where I was in Michigan. We were in Charlevoix, which is in the northwest corner of the Lower Peninsula, right on Lake Michigan. There isn't a yarn shop there, but on our drive home just out of town I spotted a sign that said "yarn mill and shop" so we turned off! Less than a mile up the road was a little mom & pop (plus a few more employees now, they seem to be growing rapidly!) fibre mill called Stonehedge Fiber Mill. If you look at the yarn section of their website you can see some of what I bought--their Shepherd's Wool in Denim and Antique Rose (true colours a bit different than they show up there--the denim almost looks grey in most lights!). I also picked up a skein of a 50/50 alpaca merino blend, and if you scroll down on the yarn page there's a picture of a very similar looking one just called "Green"! They had lots of lovely things for pretty reasonable prices, and I was tempted to buy way too much but I tried to be good. If I love it when I knit it up, I can order more online or just pick it up next summer when we will probably head back that way!

And other than that....well, school continues to go pretty well. I almost have a decent work-life balance right now, although not as much knitting time as when I was teaching part-time last year! We'll have to see if that improves. However, we do have a sad case coming soon that may change that. I won't go into detail, but basically it looks like we're about to get a new student who is coming to us from some sad circumstances, and will probably be living in the school dorms as a 7th grader. We have other kids that young (12, I think) in the residence, but it sounds like with her family background it would be nicer for her to be in a home-stay situation with some loving family. I felt bad enough upon hearing the story that I was almost tempted to volunteer us, but I'm not sure our house would be a good fit. We live quite far from the school, so it would be hard for her to socialize with any of her new classmates. Plus I'm not sure I'm ready to begin practicing parenting with a troubled adolescent! Although I suppose the flip side of that would be if we survived that, we would know we were ready for kids of our own. :-)

Anyway, I think the pizza is here, so I'm going to watch a eat, watch a movie, and knit all evening and try not to worry too much right now about problems that can't be solved overnight.


Jinann said…
Can't wait for the "photo-spam" it!

The mill looks pretty cool - sounds like you had a lot of fun!
YarnSnob said…
hopefully your next post will be nothing but photos!! :)