First Photo Post--New Stash!

So I'll try to break the photos up into a few posts. Today's will all be new stash that has been acquired in the last 2-3 months! There is way too much of it....but some of it is really, really lovely.

For starters, this week I received some Shine Sport from KnitPicks in 4 colours. They are destined to become baby booties for friends. Here is the pink:
I also got some in blue, purple, and turquoise. When the booties are done I'll post a photo of them all together so you can see all the colours! :-)

Next, I picked up some Rowan Linen Drape from a forum friend who was de-stashing. No clue yet what it will become, but it was a great price, and a yarn I haven't seen I snapped it up!

Then there's the yarn from Michigan that I blogged about after our trip. Stonehedge Fibres in 3 different colours. (*All of these photos were taken in mediocre light, so excuse the colours. Today we have great sun, but I can't be bothered to take the photos again--there's a lot here!)

Then a few weeks ago I picked up 3 different sock yarns from PY. Quite the splurge, but I think they were worth it. First is some Lei in Speedwell, which I think was my favourite colour:
Then there's Laura in Naughty:
And Helena in Conifer:

The September sock club yarn from Middle Earth Yarns, called The Ents:

And another guilty sock yarn pleasure...I fell victim to HipKnits cashmere sale a little while ago. I ordered some Edward to make some manly socks, but it didn't all arrive the first time. The fabulous Kerrie tried to find the rest, but when that failed she sent me a larger skein of another shade (also labelled Edward). They coordinate quite nicely, don't you think?
And I also picked up a brighter cashmere sock yarn, called Green-Pink:

And I got even more sock yarn in my KnitPicks order, because they have some new yarns and lots of new colours and...well, it's Socktober, right? :-) This is the Risata (cotton blend) in, I believe, Grass:
Essential in Tuscon Multi:
Felici in Hummingbird:

That's about it for new acquisitions. The KP order included some Wool of the Andes, but that was for the school knitting club, and it's already in my classroom. Oh, and I don't think I remembered to photo my Middle Earth laceweight, so that will have to be for next time. But one final photo....I finished spinning up all the silk hankies and plying them with merino. The colours are more jewel-toned in real life, but here it is:

On that note, I think I may go back to browsing the Internet for spinning wheels. Pretty sure I'm getting one for Christmas....but used or new? Ashford or Kromski? Castle or Saxony? Too much to decide!


Kate said…
Photos! Woo! :-)

*drinks in yarn pr0n*
ContinentalCat said…
Wow, that's a great stash! feels good, doesn't it, seeing all that lovely yarn?
Anonymous said…
Gorgeous yarn! And definitely worth the wait to see it. ;) I've put myself on a yarn diet, so I'm drooling over others' stash enhancements. Thanks for today's fix!
Kai said…
Wow that is quite a stash haul and all so beautiful! I'm glad you said it was from the last 2-3 months! :D