Our brief visit to Owen Sound was wonderful, but it requires photos to show you exactly what I'm talking about. So I have been out trolling the Internet for photos I can legally share with you to illustrate my trip! :-) So enjoy my journey, as documented through Other People's Pictures. (Thanks to Creative Commons for making it so easy to find legally share-able pictures!)

Most of our day Saturday was spent touring the hospital and doctors' offices with the medical recruiter and a couple of doctors, which was very informative but not that scenic. We did have a lovely lunch at Cobble Beach--although the fog obscured some of the views.

Saturday night we had a driving tour of town with another recruiter, who showed us lots of neighbourhoods. One of the great things about Owen Sound is how surrounded it is by natural beauty and conservation lands. Most of the neighbourhoods she took us through had access to hiking trails, rivers, etc. She also stopped in a few local parks, including Harrison Park. We got out to see the river--it's spawning season for salmon, so we actually got to watch them swimming upstream to spawn! This is one of those things you hear about your whole life, but I never imagined I would see it...it was crazy watching the fish swimming upriver against the current. I can't find a picture from this location, so this is the best I can do:
Courtesy of Lori and Todd

Sunday morning we just had a little bit of time to see things on our own, and we decided we wanted to go for a hike. Our location of choice was the Inglis Falls Conservation area. First, here are the Falls themselves:
inglis falls
Courtesy of Paul Isla flickr.com/photos/14218020@N07/

The next truly amazing site were the glacial potholes. Apparently no one out there wants to share a photo of the ones at Inglis Falls, so here are some OTHER glacial potholes for you to marvel at:
Courtesy of Jim's Oustide Photos flickr.com/photos/jimbrekke/
Anyway, I think we will go back there, and next time I'll try to take the camera. :-)


Anonymous said…
It looks like a beautiful area.

Did you suss out where the nearest yarn shops are? ;)
Anonymous said…
Oh, gorgeous. <3 What a lovely place.