Running out of ways to keep you entertained...

I have lovely new yarn to show off again, but no camera to show it off to you. So you'll have to trust order from Posh arrived today (it did get stuck in customs, but the fees weren't too bad and they released it pretty fast!). So I have three gorgeous skeins staring at me now....Lei in Speedwell, Laura in Naughty, and Helena in Conifer.

What else? Well, I finally chose a pattern for Stephen's Christmas scarf (shh!). He picked out the yarn ages ago, but I've been debating a lot about patterns. I was feeling anti-cable for a while there, but finally relented and opted for the Irish Hiking Scarf pattern.

In the rest of life...tomorrow we're going to visit Owen Sound. Another recruitment visit, this one fairly brief--just one night. Sounds like we'll get a nice meal or two out of it, and it should be quite pretty up there this weekend, I think. Although it looks like there may be some thunderstorms....we'll see. Then after that we're heading to Guelph to see Stephen's family. Not sure yet if we're having a "real" Thanksgiving dinner or not, since we're coming from out of town and the rest of the family has been rather busy (new baby for SIL and new job for MIL!). We shall see.

Oh, but I do have something yummy for tonight....wish I could show you a picture. :-) Apparently today is World Teacher's Day, which I didn't even know. But one of our students' mothers knew, and she brought in fresh-baked apple pies. One each for me and the other middle school teacher. It was still warm when she brought it in this afternoon. Mmmmm. I'm trying to be good an wait for Stephen to get home....but if he doesn't hurry up, I'm going to have to try it!

So in case you were wondering, today I am feeling like it's a pretty good thing to be a teacher. Amazing how such a small, sweet gesture can pick you right is nice to be appreciated, isn't it? Add that to the fact that this year really IS going well, most of my students are sweethearts who are working pretty hard, and people keep telling me how amazingly well the middle school program is going--and giving me credit for it(I really don't think it's all about me, I think it's partly down to having good systems in place, which we didn't last year!)....anyway, it's quite a difference from last year. And while I still spend a bit of time thinking about alternate careers....I don't do it nearly as much as I used to. So we'll see where life goes next....

In the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving to the Canadians, Happy Columbus Day to the Americans, and to my British and other international friends....well, Happy weekend, I guess? :-)