WIPs (and 1 FO?)

Oh dear. So I've been without the camera quite a while, and I was certain I would have lots of finished knitting to show off. Well. Umm. Not quite. But progress has been made on many projects, and some new ones were started. Oh, and there were the Spiralling Socks, which were finished and gifted before the camera came back....so that's another FO!

First up, the Irish Hiking Scarf for Stephen:
Note the brand new KP Options Harmony tips!! :-) They are lovely to work with so far. AND I mastered cabling without a cable needle using them, which I couldn't do with my blunt-pointed bamboo needles....this is especially handy as I mostly work on this project at school, where S can't see it!

MS3 is chugging along. It actually is going pretty fast when I sit down to focus on it, I just haven't done much of that. I'm almost done Clue 2, though:

Green Gable has been really slow going....it's just too boring, and I'm too sleepy at night--if I do more than a round or 2 of st st, I fall asleep! :-)

My Jaywalkers are on hold right now. I'm not in love with the colour, and the fit isn't great, so I may redo the heel. Actually, I messed up when picking up stitches (trying to do it the "pretty" way rather than the easy one, I think), so I should do that over anyway.

Sockamania for October is the Elegance Socks. I'm not likely to finish by the end of the month, but we'll see. They seem to grow pretty fast:

Remember Diane's Steek-a-Long from last month? Here's proof that I was a brave girl and DID cut my knitting:

As promised, the one finished object I can show off is my Monkey socks. Excuse the fact that they need to be washed, I've been wearing them already and enjoying them lots:
Yarn: Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in River
Modifications: Short row heels and toes. Otherwise I think they're the same as the pattern?

Oh, and to show off my baking skills, here's the pie I made on the weekend. We had a surplus of apples, so....
Recipe from In the Sweet Kitchen, and it may be the best pie crust ever!

Finally....Rosa, if you're out there, blogger doesn't save your contact info, so I can't get in touch with you about Pay it Forward. Email me at lindseyligett AT hotmail DOT com. And there's still room for 1 more person to sign up for my Pay it Forward, too! :-)


Kate said…
Hurrah for braving the steek!! :-D
Anonymous said…
You have some great WIPs there! The Elegance socks look fab. I didn't get around to even casting on for them.

Glad to hear you're liking the Harmony needles. I'm hoping Canada Post will bring my tips soon so I can crack on with some lace.

Oh, and what's that lovely-coloured yarn you're using for the hiking scarf?
Anonymous said…
They all look great.
I agree with the bunny, well done for steeking.
I still haven't done mine yet!
YarnSnob said…
wow you have been busy :)Lovely knits..can I have some of that pie?? Yummy
Jinann said…
The pie and all your knitting look fabulous! You go girl! I'm secretly glad to see that someone else hasn't finished their MS3 stole....I was beginning to think I was the only one!
Kai said…
Yay! Lovely WIP piccies. And like Jinann, I'm glad I'm not the only one who still hasn't finished MS3! :D