Being wined and dined...and an FO

So we had another physician recruitment weekend to attend this weekend, in Kitchener-Waterloo. They planned a pretty good weekend, with lots of food (including pigtails, which aren't as bad as you would expect!) and drink (our room was stocked with wine from a local brewery, Brick Brewing).

The significant others were taken to St. Jacobs market, where I found a tiny but well-stocked yarn booth. 25% off almost everything, too, so I splurged a bit:
Noro Iro in colour 61. I love these colours, and it's so nice and soft. It was a bit more of a splurge than I realized--I had seen the price on the Silk Garden and somehow had it in my head that this was the same price, which would have made it a real bargain. But it was still a reasonable deal, and I haven't seen it at the stores I frequent, so I can't complain!

Colinette Parisienne, colour tapis (I think?). Again, this isn't a yarn I've ever seen in person, so I snapped it up while I was there!

And I did have a bit of knitting time, so my Elegance socks from Sockamania are finished:
That's Posh Lucia in a sock club colour from June. Yummy! :-)

I didn't get as much done on Stephen's scarf, but to answer the's KnitPicks Swish Superwash. Remarkably soft and lovely feeling for an affordable superwash yarn. We'll see how it wears, I understand some people have problems with pilling....

And of course, there were lots of freebies throughout the weekend. Including the big giveaway to all the doctors:
Yup. A brand new Blackberry Curve. No, they don't come with service, and I understand that data plans are pretty pricey (wouldn't know, as we just use our el cheapo cell phones for a few minutes a month of talking!). But still....that's a pretty serious freebie!

Oh, and my other big news for the last week....I ordered my spinning wheel! It will be a while before it comes, but I got a good price. It's a Kromski Symphony, and I am all prepared to love it to bits. I will post pictures when it comes, and in the meantime I plan to stash lots of fibre so I'm prepared for a winter of spinning. :-)


Knit - R - Done said…
Delicious fiber! I hope your wheel comes soon!
ContinentalCat said…
Lovely socks, and lovely yarn. Looking forward to see pics of the wheel, and read about how you're getting on with it.
Anonymous said…
Spinning wheel! Eeee! That's so exciting. I hope it's fabulous.
Anonymous said…
I love how all the others just talk about your knitting...LOL...while I am going 'holy shit a blackberry!' Oh well, sorry I am not into the knitting as much...LOL. Hope all is well. We haven't talked in a while! When you coming out this way again?..I am getting a chocolate lab puppy this weekend so you will have to come visit soon to see our new family member. No names picked yet, but got some in mind. Talk to you soon - take care.
Jinann said…
Congrats on the spinning wheel! You'll now fall into the abyss of roving, wool, fleeces.....oh, what a slippery slope! The Kromski is a fabulous wheel!
knitty_kat said…
ooh you went to Knitwerx! She's actually closing, hence the sale. It's too bad because it's a nice little booth.

And I agree, "holly shit a blackberry!" I doubt I would use it either, but it looks like a fun toy!
Kai said…
spinning wheel?? did i hear spinning wheel? :D Let me know how you get on with it. I'm looking to get my first one sometime soon. Probably as a late Christmas pressie.