Quick Check-In

Just a brief update so you know I'm alive. :-) Things are crazy at school (not bad, just busy--report cards and performances and field trips and things), and we're out of town the next 2 weekends again, so my blogging time is at a minimum. I'll probably be away from the blog for a few weeks until things settle down, so don't expect to see me.

I am still trying to keep up with things on Ravelry, so for the knitty folks out there, you will see me on there every now and then, and I will try to keep up with your goings-on that way. I have just this week realized how much easier it is to keep up with friends' blogs through Ravelry....don't know why I didn't notice that feature before.

For my knitting update, well, the Ripples socks have ground to a halt for now. I ran into a problem with extreme tightness at the ankle, where I switched to st st instead of keeping the lace pattern. You can kinda see the problem here:
It has been suggested that the only remedy is to knit the foot in lace--or I guess I could use a bigger needle for the foot, but I don't want to! So they are in the naughty corner while I decide what to do. (I do *love* the yarn, though, so I'll come back to them pretty soon, I'm sure!)

My ribbed socks are coming along nicely. LittleBerry was completely right about the pattern repeats--they are LONG! I seem to have done an OK job matching the 2nd sock, no picture to show off yet, though. The colours in the second sock seem slightly muted compared to the first one, but the stripes are hitting in exactly the same place through the heel, so I think I'm doing OK!

Happy American Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it! I'm not this year, although we ARE going to Michigan for the weekend for my mom's birthday--and to see her new house! Very exciting. Plus apparently there's a really cool yarn store that we're going to....I will try to be restrained, but it's travel yarn, so it doesn't really count, right? :-)

Oh....when I *do* come back to blogland, I have hopes of showing you pictures of my students' knits. I have a HUGE pile of scarves they have made this year, and now I have one making slippers and another making a hat. I'm hoping to get a few more to take on more complicated projects before Xmas....and then I'll send the lot off to the various charities we're supporting. Can't wait to see what they create!


Kai said…
don't forget to have fun inbetween all the business!

looking forwar to the piccies of your student projects.. take care!
Kate said…
A lace foot will help a lot. :-) You could even do some lace running down the centre of the heel flap for extra stretch.

Enjoy your blogging break and don't feel guilty. Blogging is best done when you have something to say. Advice which I should take myself... :-P
Jinann said…
Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes....hope you have fun in Michigan! (I hear they had a "white" Thanksgiving this year!)
Anonymous said…
Hope you had nice trip away. :)

To help your sock fit without knitting a lace foot, you could take it back a bit, and lengthen the heel flap. Then pick up more stitches than the pattern calls for, and decrease the gusset stitches to whatever fits your foot.
knitty_kat said…
I guess you aren't going to make it out to the Wortley Roadhouse on the 3rd? I'm so looking forward to it . . . I'm sure someone will take pics for ya!!
belaybunny said…
Looking forward to seeing you back soon. And to see those student projects :)