Finished Scarves

OK, 2 scarves that were (slightly late) Christmas presents to show off today:

Pattern: My So-Called Scarf
Yarn: Lang Yarns Mille Colori
Needles: US 10
Comments: I've been admiring this pattern on Ravelry for a little bit now, since it's become a huge hit there. And for good reason--it shows off variegated yarns really nicely, and it also works up really quickly since it's designed to be done on pretty big needles. This yarn was an interesting experience--on first glance, it looks like a pretty pricey artsy yarn--it's a singles yarn, with varying thickness and unpredictable colour changes, making you think of handspun, hand-dyed yarn. But closer inspection reveals a large degree of acrylic content for a yarn that looks this "fancy"--I think it was 60%. So it was a pretty economical buy, for a nice visual effect, even if it isn't the most amazing fibre to handle. Plus, it happened to come in the exact colours I was looking for--the goal was to make a scarf that matched my mom's pink sweater AND the bronzey/coppery vest she likes to wear with it. Hard colour combo to find in one yarn, as it turns out--but this worked great with it, and also matched another sweater she had, too. :-)

Pattern: Irish Hiking Scarf
Yarn: KnitPicks Swish Superwash in Dublin
Needles: US 7
Comments: This took a while, partly because I was trying to work on it when Stephen wasn't home. He had picked out the yarn for a scarf a while ago, but I wanted to surprise him with the pattern so there was a bit of a secret element to the gift. However, I am really pleased with the finished results. I used my KP Options with my new Harmony tips, which were fun to work with--although I was cabling without a cable needle, and I did start to get nervous that I might snap the tips on these after reading horror stories. They survived, though! The yarn is quite soft, and it's washable, which he had requested.


Kai said…
Lovely scarfs! It's nice to see your My So Called Scarf. Love the colours!
Anonymous said…
That scarf looks really neat in the yarn you chose! Lovely.
Anonymous said…
And by "that scarf" I meant the Mille Colori one.
LittleBerry said…
I love the scarves.... I like the pattern of the "my so called scarf" but I find it a bit mononotonous to do I have no idea why but I bet it's ideal for handspun... I like the Irish hiking scarf very much.....
Anonymous said…
They are both great scarves. I particularly like the irish hiking scarf, such a nice colour.