Floods and Knitting Club

I'm not sure if anyone noticed the time of day I posted on Thursday (why would you?), but if you did, it may have occurred to you that I should not be able to blog in the middle of what should be a school day! However, what I didn't mention in my post on Thursday was that I was home from school....not because I was sick, but because of a flood!

This is the view from my classroom window on a mostly normal day:

You may be able to see the river on the right hand side of the photo. That is the Thames (the Canadian version, we just stole all of our place names from our British forbears!). Due to massive snow melt and rain in the last week, the river levels started rising. Tuesday afternoon it was up past the fence at the far side of the photo and perhaps a few metres into the parking lot. Wednesday afternoon it was almost up to the third light post (counting from the river) in the parking lot. Apparently Wednesday night it came up over the playground on the left of the photo and about to where that little black car was parked. This meant it essentially blocked off our main entrance, which is also a main fire exit (as well as submerging the entire parking lot). Therefore our school was closed! Sadly, because I wasn't at school, I don't have a picture of the flood. By the time I got there Friday morning the water had receded back to the edge of the parking lot, and by Friday afternoon it was back in its banks. Sheesh!

What I did finally manage to photograph this week was the knitting my kids have finished this year for charity. Here are 25 scarves:

And 4 hats:

There are some really fabulous knits in there, and the kids are getting more and more adventurous. I hope by the end of the year to have even more to show off for them!

Now I must go and watch basketball...the first half of the UNC-NCSU game was jaw-dropping (poor sad NCSU went 11 minutes without scoring, finishing with 13 points in the half. When they finally did score, the UNC fans actually gave them a standing ovation!!). So I can't wait to see what the second half has in store.


Kai said…
wow!! That's quite a flood.. Love the scarfs and hats from your kiddies! :)
Cinders said…
we've had floods too here. its one way of getting a day off school!
your kids have done some great knitting
Jinann said…
What a bunch of talented kids! Great job!

I hope the floods are gone now!