Gifts Galore

Where did the 2 weeks go? Everyone thinks my 2 week March Break is an unfair luxury, but it really doesn't feel like it at the moment. Here's a quick run-down of how I've spent my time:
-The first day of break was the last massive snow storm (please have been the last, please, please!), and I spent the day shovelling every few hours because Stephen was driving home.
-The next day I left for Michigan to see my mother. After 4 days there (which were actually quite busy, taking care of things at her house, etc.), I came home and unpacked and repacked.
-We took off the next morning for 5 days in Florida with my dad (well, 2 days travelling and 3 days actually in Florida). That was glorious, but I could have used more of it....oh how I miss the sunshine.
-Got back in time to do 2 whole loads of laundry prior to the next repacking. First thing the next morning we set off for Barrie for a 3 day recruitment visit, which was interesting but somewhat stressful and caused information overload for me.
-We drove straight from Barrie to my SIL's house in Cambridge for an early Easter dinner. Nice meal, and lots of fun playing with the little tykes--but man do they wear you out!
-From there we went to my MIL's house in Guelph for 2 nights. It would have been restful except for the pain in my back from the pull-out mattress. Argh, I hate that thing.
-Now I am home alone (Stephen is working in Kitchener again), where I have a day and a half to do my lesson planning, marking, and housecleaning before going back to the grind.

Not to sound like a total whiner, one of the benefits of so much time in cars and on airplanes was lots of knitting time. I have mainly been knitting gifts this month, and I can reveal a few of them to you now:
Pattern: Charlie's Seeded Heart Socks from New Pathways
Yarn: Knit Picks Shine Sport in Hydrangea
Modifications: I used US 4 needles instead of 5, and I crocheted my chain a bit longer. (I wish I had gone even longer--11 inches doesn't leave much to tie after you wrap it all the way around, really!) These were a super quick, super fun knit for my cousin who is expecting in May. Oh, and a close-up of the heart on the foot:

Pattern: Green Gable, Size Small
Yarn: Cotton Fleece in Moss Green
Modifications: Extra rows of ribbing, and maybe a tiny bit longer than the pattern calls for. I added some crochet on the neckline, in an effort to get it to lay flat, but it didn't help much. This is for my sister, and it may not be her style at all, but I think it would flatter her, so we will see if she likes it!

Pattern: Simply Love by Anni from Sockamania (yes, I know the photo just shows the cuff. The only full-on photo I got of the socks was really pretty bad. But I love the twisted rib on the cuff!)
Yarn: Alpaca/merino sock in Balrog from MiddleEarthKnitter
Modifications: I used the Riverbed architecture from New Pathways again, with the plain heel and the pontoon toe:

And there is also some secret knitting going on, for a reader of the blog (but not a Raveller, so if anyone else wants to see it, there are photos in Ravelry!).

Oh, speaking of secret knitting, my mystery items were received while I was travelling. They were for the Pay it Forward "swap" and they went to the lovely Kate. She has a nice photo of the finished objects on her blog if you care to see them.

OK, I am feeling much less sorry for myself. Plus, despite the fact that it is still FRIGID outside, the sun has been out for 3 straight days now. The snow is melting and I have hopes of spring (yes, I am ignoring the long-range forecast, alright?). And there are less than 3 months left in the school year, so that's never a bad thing. There's a Carolina game on in a few hours, too...I think I will spin while watching my Heels advance to the Sweet Sixteen today! Now I'm off to tackle my to-do list....


Kate said…
We have your snow now, I think. So glad I have nice head and ear warmers. :-)
belaybunny said…
Great knitting!! If I was your sister I'd love the green gable top ;)

It's cold here, but no snow - probably not as cold where you are though!!
Kai said…
We have your snow too!! :)

Great FO's.. I love Cairi's yarn too.. So scrumptious looking!
Cinders said…
My Sis lives in Kingston so I've been hearing all about the snow!
Love your socks.
Jinann said…
You've been very busy! And you've managed to work in some lovely knitting - the little heart socks are just darling! I love the sweater - it's quite stylish - I think your sister will love it!