Posting from School!

So I wanted to post sometime this week, but I know my time is going to be crunched....but I'm sitting at school killing time right now, so I thought why not blog? (You may ask why I don't just go home. A perfectly reasonable question, except home is 40 minutes away, and I have plans at a friend's house that's 10 minutes from the going home means driving all the way back here later!)

The downside of blogging here is that my camera is at home. Oh, and my computer is insanely slow--probably just as well that I don't have photos to upload, it could take all night!

So, the surprise knitting items mentioned in the last post are finished and will hopefully go out in the mail tomorrow to the recipient. Once they get to their new home, I'll share better photos with you all. Oh, and the sock has progressed a bit. I've finished #1 and cast on the toe of number 2 today. The yarn I'm using is Middlearthknitter Yarns alpaca/merino in Balrog (sock club colourway). It is absolutely scrummy, and I think that is helping me to recover the love for them--they are SO SOFT!

And for the not knitting stuff...well, March Break starts Friday, so 4 more days of school! Then 2+ weeks of vacation. Of course, I'm not really resting....first I'm off to Michigan to visit my mother, then Stephen & I are going to Florida for some fun in the sun with my dad, and we're ending it all with a return visit to Barrie. We're getting pretty serious about the relocation stuff, and Barrie is in the lea in terms of what it offers Stephen. As much as I am growing to like London, it doesn't look like a good option for him professionally, so chances are great that we'll be leaving the area. I enjoyed Barrie when we visited last year, and I'm looking forward to seeing what options are there for me. I think the recruiter is setting up meetings for me with the local private school, and hopefully with someone from the public system as well. I don't expect there to be a lot of teaching jobs--that's the story in all of Ontario, I guess. The only good news is that Barrie is a bit of a boom town, so their enrollment is probably increasing, unlike the London area.

Of course, other jobs are always an option, so maybe they'll have some ideas on that front, too. And I'm interested in finding more about the local fibre arts scene--I've just found the Barrie group on Ravelry, and will be making some inquiries! Perhaps the LYS will need a helping hand...or maybe the town needs a new LYS?! :-)

OK, it's about time for me to head out....look for a photo post by the weekend, hopefully with complete socks!


Anonymous said…
Hey, when will you be in FL, and where are you going? G and I (and the dogs...) will be in Daytona/Ormond from the 14th to the 18th (though for practical purposes, that's the 15th to the 17th).

I think the last time we saw each other in Florida we were...14 years old?!
Jinann said…
Wahoo! Can't wait for the photos!

(Fingers crossed for sock completion)
knitty_kat said…
I missed you at the Wortley the other night. Enjoy your vacation!