Drying Out

Just a quick post to let you all know I'm still alive--and as you can see, after the waters receded spring really has sprung. Those were my first crocuses of the year, and lots more have bloomed in the 2 days since that was taken.

We ended up with 2 days off of school, and the waters receded enough by Friday to let us back in. We were just allowed back on the school playground starting yesterday, and there is a street sweeper coming today to clear the debris out of the parking lot. However, as far as I know there hasn't been any significant injuries or property damage associated with the flood. Life in London is rather removed from the river, unlike so many cities. There are parks along the water, but very few homes and businesses.

I have much to share in photos--and will try to get to a few of them posted here now. I have essentially given up control of my home computer to Stephen while he works on a big project, but I managed to upload a few photos the other day. I am waiting for my ride home now, so I'll get to as much as I can!

First, Monday was our monthly Ravelry meet-up at Wortley Roadhouse, and the first one I'd been to in a while. There was a nice crowd, including our first ever male knitters. Yes, plural--there were 2 of them! I have proof:

I also finally met another Strathroy-based knitter, Deborah, shown here modelling her sock:
It was very exciting to meet someone who lives so near me, and we will hopefully connect soon to knit without driving all the way to London!

In other news, I successfully completed a crochet project. Really:
Pattern: Treenah
Yarn: KnitPicks Gloss in Burgundy
Hook: 4 mm
Modifications: I made mine a bit more narrow, 8 stitches fewer, I believe. I also did extra repeats of both the solid treble section and the lattice pattern on the ends, since I was using a finer yarn and smaller hook. It's not perfect, but I'm quite pleased. I'll have to take another picture post-blocking that does it justice more than this one. The only sad thing is that I finished it just in time for the warm weather, so I've barely worn it!

On a less successful front, I began some fair isle socks. It's the April Sockamania pattern, Bluebells. My first ever attempt at fair isle socks, and I was trying to be very careful about not pulling too tightly. Despite my best efforts, this happened:
Yup, that's as far as I could get the sock on my foot. Not even all the way over my toes and it's too tight. Not a prayer of getting it over a heel! It is in time out for now and soon I may frog it and try again, MUCH LOOSER. (and maybe 1 needle size up, too)

OK, Stephen is here to get me, so that's all for now. More some day on other socks, scarves, and more. :-)


Kate said…
Men? Knitting in public? Whatever next?! :-P

Can't wait to see Treenah in all her glory as well!
Kai said…
Ditto on what Kate said!! :)

Go up a needle size with the colourwork sock. That works for me normally.
Jinann said…
Love the crocus! Glad to hear you're drying out finally.

Hmmmm, your 'experience' with the Fair Isle sock is one of the reasons that I've never done anything more than a felted bag with a Fair Isle border.
Cinders said…
Glad you're drying out! i'm sure you're fairisle sock will turn out just fine. I want to try some one day
Deb Clarke said…
I can't believe it, I just read your blog today (Sunday) about us getting together and wouldn't you know it was already in the plans. LOL. Can't wait till Thursday.
knitty_kat said…
Boyz! I'm still in shock that there waz boyz there! LOL. Glad someone got to post about it. Mind if I link to you for the Knit London Blog?