Yup, I'm posting during the school day again. And once again, it's because of floods. However, this time I made it into school for a shortened workday, and I took some photos to share with you:

The view from my 3rd floor classroom window.

See the playground equipment? See the big tree to the right? Our school property extends several feet behind that big tree, and then there's a jogging path past that. Just to give you some idea of how far out of its banks the river is!

The road there is the street that goes to our parking lot.

The steps for our back entrance, which is where we usually come and go. Luckily there is a front door 4 stories up where I could get in today!

Given how high the water is, I'm not sure what tomorrow holds at this point. Our principal was optimistic that we would be able to re-open, and the waters did go down very fast last time....but the water is A LOT higher this time, so we shall see. In the meantime, I'm going to go enjoy some extra knitting time. More photos later with a few new stash acquisitions and some current projects.


Fiona said…
Oh my goodness, that looks like a familiar situation! I do hope the water goes down quickly, hopefully it will - sometimes it can be quite surprising. And take care on the journey, too!
heavenlyevil said…
I was surprised how high the river was last time. On the way into school this morning I was completely floored by how bad it was today. Scary.

Makes me wonder what downtown looks like. The path gets super-low by the museum.
Kai said…
wow! that's really come up high!! hope it's not so bad today honey..
knitty_kat said…
I went for a walk with Nadine and her girls and took a bunch of pics around Greenway. It really is higher than it was last year. . and it's not done raining yet! Better break out a boat to make to work!
Bearium said…
wow and there was me complaining that we'd been having rough weather lately! Hope things have improved by now :)
Cinders said…
Gosh, hope the water is subsiding now.