Wrap Up

There were some leftover tidbits from my last post, so I'm trying to wrap up all those loose ends now.

First, this photo shows Treenah off a bit better:

Second, I promised more socks. I seem to have fixed my Ripples socks (November sockamania) so that they go over my foot comfortable now. Finished the first one last week and am at the arch expansion of the second one, so it will be done soon, I hope:
(some modifications are obvious, I'll post them with the FO later)

A while back I mentioned some new stash. I haven't been buying much since Christmas and the New Years PY sale, since I am buried in yarn. But I've given in to a few temptations recently:

Classic Elite Waterspun in Light Teal, 4 skeins. Impulse shopping trip to London Yarns after hearing they had some of this discontinued yarn in. I had never seen or heard of this before getting the email, so why I got it into my head that I had to get some, I don't know. They actually offered to sell me all they had for a discount, but that was maybe 20 skeins, including a bunch in a colour I didn't like. I settled for all they had in this colour.

Then I gave in to the Posh Yarn sale 2 weeks in a row. First I came away with this:
Baby Lucia in Kelpy. I had dreams of 2 skeins, but only snagged 1.

The next week I got 2 skeins of Eva 4-ply in Frock. It hasn't arrived yet, so photos later. Again, I had hoped to get perhaps 3 skeins to do a shawl, but someone beat me to it. I think I may still do a shawl, although socks in the luxury that is Eva could be a real treat....

Probably not much else to share. I've realized today that most of what I put on my blog is duplicating what I'm doing on Ravelry--I don't need a "queue" of patterns over here, or my progress bars, etc., since that's all over there. Same for photos of my projects and stash, really. So I may cut back on the blog and just post occasionally about other topics. I'm starting an online course in a few weeks, so I don't know how much blogging I would be doing anyway....hmm, we shall see!


Cinders said…
Your treena looks lovely.
I like that teal yarn . scrumptious!