Wow! Three weeks?

I can't believe I haven't posted in that long, even though I know I warned everyone that posting would be less frequent. However, my excuse of starting an online course in May has been taken away from me (I could post a long rant about that, but I'm trying to control my temper!), so you may actually see a few more posts from me before summer. :-)

So today I'll focus on my spinning, since most of the knitting content is in Ravelry for people to see anyhow.

Knitting 015
This is the 2nd skein of merino-bamboo that I began spinning ages ago. I finished it this week and set the twist in this one yesterday. The fiber was from Yarn Hollow (purchased at City Knitting in Grand Rapids), and it is lovely stuff. I'd say this is mostly in the sport-weight category, although not 100% consistent--it's on the lighter side of that overall, ranging from 12-14 wpi. 2 4-oz skeins of very close to 140 yards each.

Then last night I decided to start spinning one of my Sock Hop rovings, the Child in Time colourway. I am attempting for now to follow Teyani's tutorial on how she spins the Sock Hop yarns, so I split the roving into strips:
Knitting 013

And started spinning:
Knitting 014

So far it is nice and even, and I actually believe that this could turn into sock weight yarn. The roving is a delight to spin, it's so well-prepared that it is quick work. I still pre-draft it a bit, because I'm not quite accomplished enough of a spinner to jump right in, but it goes very fast.

So all of these grand successes with my spinning have me thinking about setting up an Etsy shop. I'm still not totally convinced that anyone would want to knit with my yarn, but I think I can see a day coming when that might be true. Obviously this would not be a major business, but it could perhaps occasionally provide me with some cash to buy more fibre. :-) I'm now brainstorming ideas for what I would call such a shop....suggestions are welcome.

I've been thinking of naming it in relation to location, but the uncertainty of where we're headed next makes that harder! We are almost certainly down to 2 cities now, though: Barrie and Kitchener-Waterloo (I guess technically that's 3 cities, but really 2 options....). Barrie is leading at the moment because of the fabulous support they have given me in finding employment opportunities. I'm headed up there in a few weeks to visit several schools with a retired principal, and have hopes that I could actually get a job there. It's one of the few communities in Ontario that is not experiencing declining enrollment, so they are actually hiring teachers for real employment--a rare condition around here!

Now I should either get to work cleaning the house or return to my spinning wheel and see if I can fill that first bobbin with the Sock Hop yarn!


Kai said…
Your merino/bamboo is gorgeous, and I love your sock hop roving.. nice stuff there. :)

I'm hopeless at naming stuff, so apologies there, but I will visit the shop when you're up and running! :)
Cinders said…
your spinning looks fabulous
knitty_kat said…
holly crap! Why didn't you bring it to show off last night? It looks awesome!
Jinann said…
Gorgeous spinning - love the "sock hop"!
YarnAddictAnni said…
Love your spinning. It's gorgeous.
belaybunny said…
oh, you're spinning is looking lovely. thanks for the link to the tutorial, I can try some of my roving when it arrives now ;) what wheel do you have?