Did you miss me?

Hmm. Did anyone even notice my total absence here? :-) It's a bit hard to get back into blogging after over 2 months, actually. I think it's a mindset, and I've fallen out of it. But here it goes!

Well, first--in case you've been waiting with bated breath for 2 months--an update on our future plans. Stephen is now done his residency and officially licensed to practice medicine without supervision! Scary, huh? However, he hasn't figured out yet where he wants to practice or exactly what balance of practice types he wants. He is spending the next month or so locuming--working for docs on vacation--in the various cities still on our list. The hope is that this will give him a better sense of what he wants to do, and if I visit him in these cities then maybe I'll get a sense of where I want to live. We shall see. I'm not in a huge rush at this point--I had a good school year last year and am looking forward to the class I'll have next year. I am sick of my commute, but otherwise life is OK! :-)

What else? Well, we went to the Pacific Northwest for 2 weeks. There are way too many photos to post here, although perhaps I'll put a selection up over the coming days. Most photos are of mountains, trees, and wildlife...actually, what I'll probably share are some of the videos of the animals.

And then the fibre stuff! I won't post all my recent work here, since it's been so long. I am in the process of updating everything on Ravelry (I haven't really been on there in about 2 months, either!), so you'll probably see some of my work there (if you're there. And if you're not on Ravelry at this point, then you probably aren't that interested in looking at my knitting anyway, right?). One thing I have done in the last month is some dyeing, so I'll share those here. I'm never good at naming colours, but I think I need to start trying....although I'm open to suggestions on these! All are merino top, ordered from Paradise Fibers

I did 2 with my mom when she was visiting last month. The first one was us trying out all the colours to see what was what. Surprisingly, I actually like the way this turned out (although I'm not sure what it will look like when spun!):
dyes 002

This one we tried to be a bit more selective:
dyes 001

Then I did 2 more this morning. They're still drying, so they aren't in the nice braids the first two are yet.
This one was completely different than I expected, but I like it a lot. It's so interesting to watch the dyes change in the pot--the reddish colour here looks like a horrid brown when it goes on the fibre:
dyes 004

And my favourite one. This was using the method of gradually lowering the fibre into the dye bath to get gradations. I really love this and will definitely be dyeing things this way again. Plus, it's a lot easier and less messy than handpainting! dyes 005


Kate said…
Nice to see you're back! :-)
Cinders said…
good to see you bck. Like the fibre. congrats to your OH.
Jinann said…
I did miss you! I kept checking to see if you'd had any posts....and finally, the answer was "yes"!

Love the hand dyed - it's gorgeous! My favorite is the one with blues, greens, and the pinky-purple. Yummy!