Oh What a Tangled Web

school 004

Doesn't that look like fun? One of my summer projects is reorganizing all the yarn from school so it's ready to be knit next year. This pile is probably the worst of it. There were lots of little ends (like 1-2 yards of things) mixed in with a couple large hanks. The red one I've been working on for the last hour or so, and I'm dreading the grey one, which is next.

There's still this box to go:
school 003
But a lot of that looks neatly wound, at least on top, so we'll see.

Then there's all the knitted that needs finishing from school. I know I've posted before about how proud I am of how far my kids have come with their knitting. But let me show you what they have made this year. Correction: between about February and May, really--not much knitting happened in June, and we made a charity donation in late January:
school 001
That's mostly scarves, although a few kids got brave and did slippers and hats. There are a few items in there that were donated by others in the community, but it's almost all from NCCI kids. Most of it is ready to be donated (although I need to find a new recipient for a lot of it, the charity I was working with hasn't responded to my last couple of attempts to donate), but there are some ends that need sewing in, etc.

And then there's the squares:
school 002
Those are destined to be baby blankets, but I have to line them all up and sew them together.

And people think teachers have it easy in the summer! :-)

P.S. Flickr is struggling with my photos at the moment. Forgive me if they're not showing up for you....hopefully they will be soon!


Cinders said…
well done getting the kids knitting. looks like your going to have fun over the summer! When you've finished untangling that lot, I've 2 skeins here that need doing!!!
Jinann said…
Oh, my! What a tangled mess!

Can I "rent you" to organize my stash?