A quick word before I vanish again....

I'm headed to Michigan tomorrow for the week, and then will be going to Barrie for a few days, and then back to WORK (staff retreat first, then actual at-school time!). So blogging will probably be headed back to the back burner for a little while....

Umm, what can I report? Oh, I have an FO:
knit 004
That's Checky from "Wee Knits 3" by Mission Falls, in Misti Pima Cotton. It's the 6 mo. size, although my gauge was tight, so it's a good bit smaller than the pattern says. However, it still seems big to me for a 6 mo. baby, and I'm giving it to a 1 mo. baby, so no worries there....plenty of room for her to grow into it, I think. Here's another photo...the colour was truer in the first one, but this one shows off the pattern better, I think:
knit 005

Spinning has been slower this week, but I'm taking my wheel to Michigan (where apparently I am giving lessons to the ladies at an LYS there, plus my aunt and her friends?? Don't know if I'm up for that!!). I did dye some fiber, but some of it is for my Spunky swap partner, so I'm not posting pics right now. Oh, speaking of surprises, I'm also working on a little surprise knitting project. It's working up super-fast, so I hope to mail it to someone in the next day or so, and then maybe I'll be able to share the pics. I think I can safely share this little tiny taste of it, so I'll do that:

That's probably about it for now. When next I appear, I hope to have lots to show off....we'll see if I can do it!


Kai said…
Aww, that's such a cute little baby cardi! :)

*is intrigued with snippet of photo*

Have fun in Michigan and Barrie! :)
knitty_kat said…
The sweater is lovely!!

Travel safely