A bit of news!

There should be lots to say, but I won't take the time tonight to get you caught up on everything from the last 6 weeks or so. However, I will tell you my big news:

Stephen and I have decided about the next step in our lives! The temporary position he had taken in Kitchener is working well, and he plans to stay there permanently (or at least as permanently as anything in our lives has ever been!). After nearly 3 months of living in separate cities, I have decided that I have had enough and cannot keep doing this for the rest of the school year, so I will be moving to Waterloo to join him in January.

There are lots of little details and decisions that go along with this, but that's the main news! We will be getting the house ready to sell and it will hopefully be on the market early in the new year. Stephen has temporary furnished digs in Waterloo where we'll stay while we settle that stuff.

I won't be looking for work immediately. Stephen needs some help getting billing and other things in order, so I'll do a bit of that for him. I'll also have a lot more time to play with fiber, so I think this means I will actually open the much talked about etsy store. In fact, I'm thinking the new location suggests a name...Waterloo Wools? Hopefully opening in mid-January, I'll let you know when it's for real.

And from there...well, we'll see where things take me. I'm struggling a bit with the idea that I will actually have the luxury of taking my time and deciding what I really WANT to do. My income is no longer vital for our survival, so if I want to take time to look for the right job, or go back to school, or experiment with some new career, or "just" be a homemaker for a little while...I can. That's a freedom not many people have, I know, and I really do appreciate how lucky I am.

Obviously I'm pretty happy about this decision. There are a lot of potential upsides to it. I'm not thrilled about picking up and moving again, but I knew it was inevitable, really. I will really miss a lot of things about my school, especially the people. Working there has really changed how I feel about teaching, and I would have a hard time teaching in a more traditional environment now. I feel pretty bad about leaving the kids mid-year, but I've also seen myself get more and more stressed by everything in life lately, and I know I'm not teaching as well as I could be if I were happy. So I think it's the right decision, even thought it's been a hard one.

Well, that's all for now. As I promised last time, there has been some knitting and spinning and even some weaving going on, but I have no photos right now. Next time I'm home when the sun is out, I need to do a big photo shoot!


Anonymous said…
Good for you both! Glad things are going well and that you have a plan.

I just revamped my Etsy store in hopes of a re-opening soon, so I say go for it with yours! There's so little risk, doing it that way.
Anonymous said…
Good luck with your move. I'm looking forward to seeing your etsy shop ;)