A Plug for Nadine

I still have lots to say that has remained unsaid because of the insanity of the last month, so bear with me over the coming weeks as I get caught up. Today was my last day at school--a long, emotionally draining day--so I'm too tired to get into much right now.

But I can make a quick plug for Nadine, who is featured on Boogie's blog this week. Boogie is running a contest for creative ideas for recycling newspapers, and Nadine made a very awesome Christmas tree out of her magazines. Best part is, Nadine's tree is apparently super fast to make (I might just try it out tomorrow, who knows?), which in my life is always a bonus. So why else should you go to the blog and vote for Nadine's creation? Well, there is a prize for one lucky voter as well as for the winning idea!

I was supposed to be off to NC tomorrow, but I have postponed for a day because apparently the snowstorm headed our way is part of "Snowmageddon." Northwest let me change my ticket to Saturday FOR FREE, so you know they're expecting chaos tomorrow. Airlines don't let you do anything for free without a pretty serious reason, I'm thinking. I don't enjoy the drive to Detroit in the best of weather, so I wasn't looking forward to it tomorrow. Should be OK by Saturday, though...wish me luck! And in late December or early January I might just be back for real, with photos and all kinds of fun stuff.


Very wise postponing your flight! Thanks for the Christmas Tree plug! It's so nice getting an extra day AND on top of the weekend to boot. Happy Holidays!!
Anonymous said…
Hope that, despite the hectic pace, things are going well for you. <3
knitty_kat said…
Hope you had a Very Merry and that the trip was safe and sound.
Jinann said…
Hope your trip went OK. Saturday the 20th was good for traveling - my DD drove here from Lansing, MI and had no problems.

Happy Holidays a bit late!