Found: 1 camera & the joy of weaving!

I think I know where the other missing items are, too--there's a Rubbermaid storage bin that didn't make the move, apparently! I'm curious about what all is in it, actually, since I've only noticed a few items missing. But I'll be back at the house tomorrow, so I guess I'll find out then.

In the meantime, my camera turned up. Which is good news, because I spent 4 days at my mother's house and we wove three scarves. I took photos of 2 of them, so I can share those now:

That one's from handspun, merino/tussah, dyed by me. Just plain weave, but I love the way the colours came out. CLose-up:


That scarf was finished much faster than I expected for a few reasons. One, my mother got me the stand for my loom as a Christmas present, and that makes SUCH a huge difference. Much easier and more comfortable to sit and weave! Second, my cousins' daughters (both 11 years old) came over for a sleepover at my mom's house, and they teamed up to weave at least 1/3 of the scarf! They developed a 4-handed system of passing the shuttle and raising/lowering the heddle, and they flew through it. They were pretty proud of themselves, as they should be!

Anyway, since the scarf was finished just halfway through my visit, we decided to scrounge through my mom's yarns and put something else on the loom. She had some yarn she'd picked up on sale and we played with that. I didn't get a picture of it, but it worked up really fast--pretty thick yarn, and a skinny scarf (really fast warp!). I did pretty much the whole thing while sitting beside my mother and helping her learn to use iTunes and her new ipod!

So we warped the loom one more time, this time with some Kidsilk Haze and a Louisa Harding yarn (Jasmine, I think?). And I decided to use my new pick-up sticks to try to create a pattern. I didn't have any books with me, but a bit of searching turned up this Waffle Weave pattern. So I wove mostly plan weave with panels of this. The final result:

The loom is now empty, and may actually stay that way for a few days--tomorrow I head back to London for my 2 days of work, so I'll probably wait to warp it until I return. I'll also be bringing my wheel back here with me Thursday night, which is exciting. I now have 3 spindles on the go, but I really want to get back to the wheel and churn out some new yarns.

Oh, and while at my mom's I got around to showing her Ravelry! We put her name on the waiting list--it said it was a 2 day wait, but it's been 2 days and they're still showing 950 people ahead of her, so I think they've slowed down the adding a bit. Anyway, she'll be there soon, so that will be interesting. I'll have to be a bit more sneaky with my gifty knitting and things now. :-)


Anonymous said…
Love that waffle weave... looks great as an insertion.

Mm, loom stand. That must make it fabulous--I'm still struggling to find a comfortable position, although being able to sit down has been better than standing.
Jinann said…
Oh wow! Your weaving is wonderful! I STILL have to get my first project off the loom! (I'm so lame!)